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Alexandria VA

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Walter Bryant Hurls Beer Bottle and Edward Bryant Uses Pistol: A Wild 1908 Washington Post Story
Digging up a wild story from The Washington Post in 1908, read about the beer bottle-hurling and pistol-wielding fight between Walter and Edward Bryant. Who do you think won?
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Hank's Oyster Bar Old Town History
What's the history behind Hank's Oyster Bar's building in Alexandria? 1026 King St. was built in the late 19th century.
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An Amazing Look at Del Ray in 1921 and Today
Take a look at an amazing map of Del Ray north of Alexandria from 1921 and compare it to a map of the same area today. See how much has changed!
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Powerful Civil War-Era Photograph of Price, Birch & Co. Slave Dealing Business
This powerful Civil War-era photo shows Price, Birch & Co., a slave dealing business in Alexandria, Virginia. Photograph by Andrew J. Russell. Source: Shorpy.
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“The Horrifying Warning From 1973: Don't Swim In the Potomac River”
“Remember how bad the Potomac River was in the 1970s? Back then, there was a warning posted telling people not to swim in it. Check out this sign from 1973 recommending you seek immediate medical attention after prolonged exposure.”
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Exploring Hollin Hall, the Plantation on Little Hunting Creek
Discover Hollin Hall, the plantation on Little Hunting Creek that was deeded to Thomson Mason, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia. Learn more about this historic landmark today!
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Exploring the Mid-Century Modern Hollin Hall Neighborhood in Alexandria, VA
Join us as we explore the mid-century modern Hollin Hall neighborhood outside of Old Town Alexandria, VA. We'll take a look at an old post-war advertisement for the housing development and find out what it's like today.
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Never Built: CIA Headquarters in Alexandria
Did you know the CIA's headquarters was almost built in Alexandria, Virginia? This Washington Post article from 1955 explains what happened.
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The Home at 219 North Saint Asaph Street in Alexandria: Then and Now
Take a look at the home at 219 North Saint Asaph Street in Alexandria, Virginia, as it appeared in an ad from January 2nd, 1900, and as it looks today in Google Street View.
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A Look Back at an Old Omnibus Advertisement from 1854
Take a look back in time to 1854 with this old omnibus advertisement from the Daily Evening Star. Learn more about the coach service to Alexandria and the history behind it!
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