Opening Dedication Ceremony of Dulles Airport in 1962

This is a video of the dedication ceremony for Dulles Airport in 1962. It was the first airport built exclusively for jets, and 27 miles outside of D.C., was also a really long drive from the city center.

We’ve written a few good posts about Dulles, which you should check out here, here, and here. And, just recently, we posted a terrific color photo of passengers boarding a jet from the people movers.

The airport was dedicated by President Kennedy and former President Eisenhower, a $110 million federal project, largely driven during the latter’s administration. Near the end of the film, there’s an interesting explanation of the mobile lounges and why they were used. Now, they’re a giant pain in the ass, but back then, they were seen as and extremely innovative method of transporting passengers from the terminal directly to the aircraft.

Dulles Airport in 1962
Dulles Airport in 1962