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Posted In 1910s

Western High School in 1919
Back then it was called Western High School. Washington had that school north of Georgetown, Eastern High School near Capitol Hill and Central High School just north of U St.
A Historical Look at the Old Post Office Pavilion, Now the Waldorf Astoria
Take a look at the Old Post Office Pavilion, now the Waldorf Astoria hotel on Pennsylvania Ave. Learn how the building's ownership and purpose have changed over the years.
Georgetown University Dorm Life Circa 1913
This is from the Georgetown University archives showing a group of young men gathered in a dorm room in 1913.
Take a Look at This Remarkable View of Pennsylvania Avenue in 1921
Take a look at this remarkable view down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. in about 1921. See the stunning photo and learn more about this historic view of the U.S Capitol.
This Crazy Old Photo Shows Georgetown's Flooding and the Potomac in 1918
Check out this old photo of Georgetown's flooding and the Potomac River in 1918. Read more about it at The Georgetown Metropolitan.
February 22nd, 1919
Exploring History Through a 1919 Newspaper: The Evening Star
Join us as we explore history through a 1919 newspaper - The Evening Star. We look at stories such as the origin of "Keeping Up With the Joneses" and Dry Detective Slain in Rosslyn. Plus, income exceptions for 1918 babies, driver right-of-way and McLean farm for sale.
Peering Into the Past: A Glimpse of Union Station Back in 1914
Take a look back in time and explore a photo of Union Station in 1914. See the familiar line of taxis waiting for passengers in this historic image.
Secretary MacVeagh's home on 16th Street NW
A $5.5 Million Christmas Gift: The Story of Secretary MacVeagh's Home on 16th Street NW
This Christmas Eve, experience the story of Secretary MacVeagh's palatial home on 16th Street NW. Learn how this gift cost $5.5 million in today's dollars and discover the secret of the Kalamein iron doors.
1913 map of Chevy Chase, DC
Exploring the Past: An Old Map of Chevy Chase
Explore the past and take a look at this old 1913 map of Chevy Chase, DC. Discover the history of this iconic Washington, DC neighborhood with this beautiful vintage map.
Washington Times - April 28th, 1911
Early 20th Century Flying Innovation: William Randolph Hearst, Jay Gould, and the Rex Smith Aeroplane Company
This cool old advertisement shows competition for flying innovation in the early 20th century. William Randolph Hearst offered $50,000 for a successful flight across the U.S. Learn more about Jay Gould's $10,000 offer to the first pilot to fly at 10,000 feet and the Rex Smith Aeroplane Company founded in College Park Maryland.

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