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Lights, Camera, Laughs! Jack Benny and Mary Livingstone Charmed Washington, DC
In March '36, comedy "royalty" Jack Benny & wife Mary Livingstone arrived in DC, bringing laughs galore to delight politicos & fans. Dubbed "royal couple" by press, the duo charmed the capital for a week with wisecracks 'a plenty before departing in style, leaving smiles for miles.
The Cherry Tree Rebellion: How Jefferson's Memorial Spurred a Revolt
The dramatic 1938 Cherry Tree Rebellion saw D.C. women chaining themselves to cherry trees to stop removal for the Jefferson Memorial. Learn the story behind the controversial protest over commemorating Jefferson's legacy.
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1930s Washington D.C. Apartment Listings: A Glimpse into Great Depression Living
Delve into 1930s Washington D.C. apartment listings and discover how the Great Depression and the presidential campaign influenced living conditions. Explore affordable rents, modern amenities, and the challenges faced by residents in this historic era.
Washington, D.C. A street scene showing street cars crossing at 14th Street and New York Avenue, photographed from a building near the Lotus Club
Capturing History from Above: Washington, D.C. Street Scene in 1939
This blog post examines a photograph of Washington, D.C. taken from a building near the Lotus Club in 1939. The image depicts a street scene showing streetcars crossing at 14th Street and New York Avenue, providing a unique aerial perspective of the city during that era. The post reflects on the historical significance of the photograph, serving as a time capsule of the past and a reminder of the rich history of our nation's capital.
Revisiting Streetcar Life in Washington, DC: A Look Back at Life in 1943
What was it like riding the streetcars of Washington on the 1940s? Take a look at this series of great old photos.
A Brief History of Brunch in D.C.
What is the history of brunch in Washington? The word dates back to 1895 and started appearing the the local papers in the early 20th century. Are you hungry?
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A Fascinating Series of Photos Taken by Carl Mydans in September 1935 in Georgetown, Washington, D.C.
Take a look at this fascinating series of photos taken by Carl Mydans in September 1935 in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. These images show a very different side of Georgetown from what we're used to today, with children playing on the street and cars parked on the side of the road.
Traffic Photos From July 1936
Great old photos showing traffic in Washington back in 1936. Check out Pennsylvania Avenue and 15th Street jammed up with streetcars, automobiles and pedestrians.
Senator Boies Penrose wrecks his Winton Six
Prohibition Officer Charged With Drunk Driving
A rum squad MPD prohibition officer was arrested for drunk driving in 1930. Isn't it ironic? Don't you think?
Petworth in the 1930s
This lovely old photo of Washington shows the Petworth neighorhood from the air in the 1930s. Any idea where this is in Petworth? Also, for those in Petworth who thumb their nose at the suburban dwellers or Washington, living in "cookie-cutter homes, take a look at the origins of Petworth. Everything looks the same.

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