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Traffic Photos From July 1936

Great old photos showing traffic in Washington back in 1936. Check out Pennsylvania Avenue and 15th Street jammed up with streetcars, automobiles and pedestrians.
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Here are some great old photos of traffic in Washington back on July 20th, 1936. The city was in the middle of a rough heat wave and the country was faced with nearly 12,000 deaths across 86 cities due to the heat!

This first one shows a streetcar heading to Rosslyn from the Capitol. Take a look at the taxi and what appears to Model A Ford.

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Source: Library of Congress

The photo below shows us looking up Pennsylvania Avenue towards the Willard and the Treasury Department.

Source: Library of Congress
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It’s fun to see these old images and how many taxis were cruising around the city back then.

Source: Library of Congress

This one shows us looking down on the Treasury Building, up 15th Street with streetcars heading in both directions. This appears to be from maybe a fourth floor room in Hotel Washington.

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Source: Library of Congress

Here we are looking up 15th Street where it intersects with Pennsylvania Avenue. Hotel Washington is on the right and the Treasury Building on the left.

Source: Library of Congress
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July 20th was a Monday so everyone was back to work after a nice weekend break from the DC heat.

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