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Dead Man's Hollow: A Dark History of Rosslyn and Arlington
Discover the dark history of Rosslyn and Arlington, VA, in the late 19th & early 20th century, including the notorious Dead Man's Hollow. Learn about infamous murders, robberies and more in this blog post from Ghosts of DC.
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Key Bridge: An Incredible Proposed Design for an Entryway from 1928
Explore the incredible proposed design for an entryway to Key Bridge from 1928. This fascinating piece of architecture was never built and shows the approach from Rosslyn into Georgetown.
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Take a Look Back at Rosslyn in 1965 with this Photo
Check out this amazing photo of Rosslyn in 1965. We dug up this photo on Flickr and it was taken by Roger Wollstadt. Plus, don't miss our post from earlier in the week about a giant fire and explosion that rocked and almost destroyed Rosslyn.
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Fire and Explosions Threaten to Destroy Rosslyn
We came across a crazy article detailing the horrors and action-movie like sequences of the fire that ripped the town.
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The Washington Post's 1889 Advertisement for Rosslyn City, the Brooklyn of Washington
Take a look back to 1889 with this ad from The Washington Post for Rosslyn City, the Brooklyn of Washington. Also, read about the origins of the cities of Arlington and Ballston!
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