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What was Washington, D.C. like in the 1930s? Take a look at our great posts with stories, people, photos, and history about the District from the thirties.

Exploring the Aerial Views of National Airport in Arlington Before Pearl Harbor
Explore the fascinating old image of the aerial view of National Airport in Arlington, Virginia before Pearl Harbor in 1941. Read more to discover this historic sight!
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This Amazing Old Photograph of 14th St. and Pennsylvania Ave. Will Blow Your Mind
This amazing old photograph of the intersection of 14th St. and Pennsylvania Ave., where the Willard Hotel sits, has some amazing details. Click to see them and be blown away!
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View of National Archive Site Construction in 1932
This lovely old image shows the site of the National Archives early in the construction process. It was taken on July 1st, 1932.
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Revealed: Rare Photo of National Archives Building Before Its Construction in the 1930s
Explore the fascinating history of the National Archives building through a rare photo taken before its construction in the 1930s. Discover the building's original design and learn how it was transformed into the iconic structure that houses some of America's most important documents today.
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Exploring Southwest D.C. Through This Old Photo From the 1930s and 1940s
Take a look back in time at Southwest D.C. in the 1930s & 1940s through this old photograph. See how the area has changed since then and explore the 1927 Baist map of the area.
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The Washington Monument in 1933: A Spectacularly Illuminated Photograph
View a spectacularly illuminated photograph of the Washington Monument in 1933. Click the photo for some great details on the Nation's Capital during this time!
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A Fascinating Look at Washington DC in 1935: The Intersection of 13th and F St. NW
Take a step back in time and explore Washington DC in 1935. This fascinating photograph shows the intersection of 13th and F St. NW. Click on it for greater details!
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A Look Back at a 1932 Parade in Washington, D.C.
Take a look back in time with these two photos of a 1932 parade in Washington, D.C. from the Library of Congress. See what the city looked like almost 90 years ago!
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Can You Identify This Parking Lot in DC from 1938?
Take a look at this old photo taken in 1938 of a parking lot in DC. Can you identify where this is? Join the GoDC community and add your thoughts in the comments.
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A Look Back at 15th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. Circa 1931
Take a look back at 15th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. circa 1931. See the traffic lights, traffic-cop gazebo, and streetcar switch tower in this amazing old photo. Source: Shorpy.
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