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Union soldiers guarding the Potomac River in Washington, DC in 1861. Georgetown University is visible in the background. Photo by George Barnard
A Rare Look at Union Soldiers Guarding the Potomac River in 1861
Take a rare look at Union soldiers guarding the Potomac River in Washington, DC in 1861. Georgetown University is visible in the background. Photo by George Barnard.
Potomac River in 1898
A Rare Photo of the Potomac River from 1898
Take a look at this stunning photo of the Potomac River from 1898. Learn more about this rare photo from the Library of Congress and read comments from the GhostsofDC community.
Potomac River
Tragic Drowning of a Young Man on the Potomac River, 1908
This is a sad story of a young man, John McCalip, who was drowned in the Potomac River in 1908, shortly before his wedding. Read more about his story and the tragedy that happened on the river.
Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 1.14
It Was 24 Degrees Below Average 130 Years Ago Today: A Look Back at the Misery of Winter in DC
It was a painfully uncomfortable day 130 years ago in DC. We went through the papers to dig up some old stories about the misery of winter and found some good stuff. Read on to learn more about the freezing temperatures and ice jams in the Potomac River!
don't swim in the Potomac
“The Horrifying Warning From 1973: Don't Swim In the Potomac River”
“Remember how bad the Potomac River was in the 1970s? Back then, there was a warning posted telling people not to swim in it. Check out this sign from 1973 recommending you seek immediate medical attention after prolonged exposure.”
boat club
A Photo of the Boat Club Above Aqueduct Bridge (or Key Bridge Today)
Take a look at this incredible photo of the boat club just above Aqueduct Bridge (or Key Bridge today). Source: D.C. Public Library.
early map of Washington
That's Right - The Patawmack River, Not the Potomac: An Early Map of Washington
Check out this cool map of what would become the City of Washington. It was done around 1893 near the city's centennial. View the Patawmack River, not the Potomac, in this early map of Washington.
Entrance to Washington Water Works, Great Falls, Potomac River - Photograph shows two men standing in a small flat boat near the spillway.
Exploring History Through Photographs: Entrance to Washington Water Works at Great Falls, 1860s
Explore history through this amazing photograph from the 1860s. See the entrance to the Washington Water Works near Great Falls and discover more about this incredible image.
Potomac Boat Club in 1921
The Potomac Boat Club in 1921: A Fascinating Look at the Past
Take a step back in time and explore the past with this fascinating photo of the Potomac Boat Club in 1921, standing in front of, what will soon become, the Key Bridge. See why this old photo is worth looking at!
View of the suburbs of the city of Washington
Beautiful Prints of Washington in the 1790s by George Isham Parkyns
Take a look at these beautiful prints of Washington as it looked in the 1790s. They were done by George Isham Parkyns and show a slightly different, more pastoral landscape. See the print of the Potomac and guess which island it is!

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