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A Rare Look at Union Soldiers Guarding the Potomac River in Washington, DC in 1861
A rare look at Union soldiers guarding the Potomac River in Washington, DC in 1861. See the incredible photo, thanks to Reddit.
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A Rare Photo of the Potomac River from 1898
Take a look at this stunning photo of the Potomac River from 1898. Learn more about this rare photo from the Library of Congress and read comments from the GhostsofDC community.
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Tragic Drowning of a Young Man on the Potomac River, 1908
This is a sad story of a young man, John McCalip, who was drowned in the Potomac River in 1908, shortly before his wedding. Read more about his story and the tragedy that happened on the river.
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It Was So Cold 130 Years Ago, You Could Skate On The Potomac River
It was so cold 130 years ago, you could skate on the Potomac River! We dug up some old stories about the misery of winter and found some good stuff about the freezing temperatures causing problems all over the city. Read on to learn more!
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“The Horrifying Warning From 1973: Don't Swim In the Potomac River”
“Remember how bad the Potomac River was in the 1970s? Back then, there was a warning posted telling people not to swim in it. Check out this sign from 1973 recommending you seek immediate medical attention after prolonged exposure.”
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Boat Club by Aqueduct Bridge
Here’s a great shot that we found on Flickr. It’s the boat club just above Aqueduct Bridge (or where Key Bridge is today). boat club Source: D.C. Public Library
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Early Map of Washington and the Patawmack
That’s right, the Patawmack River, not the Potomac. Check out this cool map of what would become the City of Washington. It was done around 1893, near the city’s centennial. early map of Washington Source: Library of Congress
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Exploring History Through Photographs: Entrance to Washington Water Works at Great Falls, 1860s
Explore history through this amazing photograph from the 1860s. See the entrance to the Washington Water Works near Great Falls and discover more about this incredible image.
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The Potomac Boat Club in 1921: A Fascinating Look at the Past
Take a step back in time and explore the past with this fascinating photo of the Potomac Boat Club in 1921, standing in front of, what will soon become, the Key Bridge. See why this old photo is worth looking at!
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1790s Views of Washington
These are some great prints of Washington as it looked in the mid-1790s. They were done by George Isham Parkyns and they show a slightly different and more pastoral landscape. View of the suburbs of the city of Washington Here is the print of the Potomac and I’m guessing that island is Roosevelt Island. view of the Potomac River in the 1790s
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Lost History: Herzog's Famous Sea Food Restaurant
Where was Herzog's famous sea food restaurant in Washington, DC? And, what did it look like?
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Why Is It Called Chain Bridge?
In 1872, Congress appropriated $100,000 for a bridge made of iron. Construction lasted until 1874, when it was rechristened "Chain Bridge" without chains.
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A Rare Look at Washington, DC from the Top of Georgetown in 1865
Marvel at this rare view of Washington, DC from the top of Georgetown in 1865. You can also see Aqueduct Bridge from Virginia into Georgetown and Mason's Island (i.e., Roosevelt Island today). This image was taken by William Morris Smith and can be found at the Library of Congress.
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Arlington's Beach on the Potomac
Hard to believe it, but back in the 1920s, Arlington had a beach. Here’s a shot of the amusement park on the Potomac River (near where the Pentagon is today) around 1925. Circa 1925. “Arlington Beach.” An amusement park in the general vicinity of today’s Pentagon, removed in 1929 to make way for an airport expansion. National Photo Company Collection glass negative. And here...
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The Amazing Story of Leoma Davis, Beauty Queen Hero and Officer Sprinkle's Neighbor
Uncover the amazing story of Leoma Davis, a beauty queen hero who saved a man from drowning in the Potomac River in 1924. Learn how she was connected with Officer Sprinkle, who lived nearby her home in Washington, DC.
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A Revenge Crime on the Potomac: The 1937 Taxi Dumped in the River and the Fateful Gamble of Maurice 'Buddy' Sweeney
This is the story of a revenge crime on the Potomac in 1937. A taxi was pushed into the river and the police soon had their suspect, Maurice 'Buddy' Sweeney, an auto mechanic and numbers writer. How did he end up in the middle of gambling kingpin Emmitt Warring's racket?
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The History of the Watergate Steps Before They Became Synonymous With Scandal
Before the Watergate scandal, these steps were used for grand arrivals of dignitaries and heads of state and for summer music concerts. Learn how the steps near the Lincoln Memorial were put to good use before jets flew over them.
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Shark Attacks in the Potomac in 1911?
In the early 20th century there was a somewhat corroborated rumor of shark attacks in the Potomac River. Read the unbelievable story.
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The War of 1812 and Relocating the Nation's Capital
Why is the capital in Washington, DC? After the British burned the White House and Capitol in the War of 1812, the capital almost moved back to Philadelphia.
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Planes Collide Near National Airport Killing 55
A horrific air disaster occurred on November 1st, 1949 near National Airport. An inbound passenger flight from Boston collided with a small military plane, killing everyone on board.
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Why Is It Named Anacostia?
Curious why it's named Anacostia? Check out the history which goes back to Captain John Smith in the 17th century.
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