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Scary photo of Maryland Goatman in the woods (Midjourney AI)
Maryland Goatman: Real Legend of the Old Line State
Half-goat, half-ax-wielding maniac, the folklore of Maryland's infamous Goatman has frightened locals and captivated imaginations since sightings began in the 1970s. But what is the real story behind this enduring legend? Learn the origins, evolution, and cultural impact of Maryland's iconic monster.
May 1st, 1760
Looking Back to Colonial America: Exploring a Land Advertisement from the Maryland Gazette in 1760
Delve into the past with an old advertisement from the Maryland Gazette in 1760 promoting a large tract of land for rent in Fairfax, located about 40 miles northwest of Alexandria. Through this historical document and a bit of research, gain insight into life in early colonial America and the social and economic dynamics of the time.
PG County
Detailed 1861 Map of Prince George's County
Detailed 1861 map of Prince George's County, Maryland.
May 29, 1959. "Prince George Plaza, Hyattsville, Maryland. Night view." An actual mall (a long, open plaza) when it opened in 1959, the shopping center was enclosed in the 1970s and renamed the Mall at Prince Georges. Large-format safety negative by Samuel H. Gottscho.
Exploring Prince George's Plaza in the "Wonder Years" Era
Take a trip back in time to the “Wonder Years” era at Prince George's Plaza. This open-air mall was actually the inspiration for the mall in the popular 80s show. Check out the photo to get a glimpse of what it looked like back then!
angry monkeys are scary
Don't Piss Off an Angry Monkey: The Summer of 1929 East Riverdale Monkey Rampage
In the summer of 1929, the residents of East Riverdale, Maryland experienced an epic monkey rampage unlike anything they had seen before. Read on to find out how an angry monkey with a taste of freedom caused chaos and fear in the small town.
Eastern Market after fire renovations (source: Flickr user A Culinary (Photo) Journal)
Exploring the History of Eastern Market: From the Grand Opening in 1873 to Highway Bandits and Child Abductors
Explore the past of Eastern Market in Washington, D.C.- from the grand opening in 1873 to the highway bandits and child abductors that have graced its history. Learn more about this iconic market!
Capital Beltway
What is the Beltway? A Deep Dive into the History of the Capital Beltway
Discover the history and evolution of the Capital Beltway, commonly referred to as 'The Beltway'. Learn about its origins, controversies, and significance in the D.C. metropolitan area.

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