Before 2Amys on Macomb Street

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This isn’t a full “If Walls Could Talk” post since we couldn’t find a ton of information on 3715 & 3713 Macomb St. NW. But, since I was having pizza there (again) with my wife and two little kids, I got to thinking about the history of the building and how I knew nothing about what used to be there.

Long-time neighborhood residents probably remember the area before Cathedral Commons popped up. Well, back in the day, not that long ago, the spot now occupied by the family-friendly 2Amys used to be a beauty shop and a shoe shop, separately.

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Back in the 1920s, you could have set up shop in the building for a cool $95 a month! That’s less than my bill for dinner the other night.

1925 real estate advertisement
1925 real estate advertisement

We dug up an old advertisement from The Washington Post in 1927.

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May 6th, 1927 advertisement
May 6th, 1927 advertisement

An expert lady barber, formerly of New York for facials and a scalp specialist as well! Get in touch with Mrs. Leapley for your next appointment at the Macomb Beauty Shoppe.

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A few years later, the building at 3715 was occupied by Raymor Battery & Radio Service. Unfortunately Raymond Morrison’s business went bankrupt in 1935, according to a notice in The Washington Post.

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Bankruptcy notice in Washington Post - 1935
Bankruptcy notice in Washington Post – 1935

We also dug up advertisements from the 1970s (maybe some of you remember this place) for a shoe store. Check it out below.

Modern Shoe Shop advertisement
Modern Shoe Shop advertisement
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Modern Shoe Shop was a great neighborhood spot to buy shoes and get your shoes repaired by Ernie Rivers, who had worked there since the late 1960s. So revered was the spot that it warranted a full piece in The Washington Post on August 11th, 1983. This was the place where everyone from Washington took their shoes for repair, including senators, government officials, not to mention Robert Kennedy’s children, and Amy Carter.

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Here’s the article if you’d like to check out the whole piece.

Washington Post 1983
Washington Post 1983
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Washington Post 1983
Washington Post 1983

Here’s a lovely photo of the place by Gastronomy.

2Amys by Gastronomy Blog
2Amys by Gastronomy Blog

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