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The Complex Relationship between Margaret Thatcher and Jimmy Carter: A Look Back at the 1979 White House Visit
Discover the intricacies of the relationship between Margaret Thatcher and Jimmy Carter during the turbulent times of 1979 in the United States. This blog post delves into their similarities and differences, their joint vision, and the significance of Thatcher's visit to the White House. Read on to learn more about the historical ties that bind the US and UK together and the subsequent impact of this...
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Andre The Giant Almost Played for the Redskins?
Wait, Andre the Giant tried out for the Washington Redskins? Did that really happen? You have to read more to find out the story.
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Awesome Old Pan Am Advertisements
Remember when flying was glamorous and an event to really look forward to? Pan Am was an incredible experience and here are some ads for what they offered back then.
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Three Other Things That Happened at the Watergate
Here are three other notable things that happened at the Watergate. The Reagans had to exit the building by candlelight because the power went out. There were bomb threats and a major protest of the Chicago Seven trial.
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Metro's 17-Foot Long "Experimental Station" in 1968
WMATA spent $69,000 for the sample station in May 1968.  After just a few weeks of construction, it measured 64 feet in width, 30 feet in height, and just 17 feet in length.  It marked a key milestone in the capital subway project - a massive planning and engineering effort that started in the 1950s.
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A Brief History of Brunch in D.C.
What is the history of brunch in Washington? The word dates back to 1895 and started appearing the the local papers in the early 20th century. Are you hungry?
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When Did Metro Open in D.C.?
Metro in Washington DC opened on March 27th, 1976. All rides were free that day on the 4.6 miles of tracks.
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Who Was Involved in the Watergate Scandal?
Remember the names of those involved in the Watergate scandal? In August 1974, Richard Nixon resigned before being impeached.
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Arthur G. Barkley's Desperate Attempt at Ransom: The Story of the 1970 TWA Hijacking
The story of the 1970 TWA hijacking by unemployed bread truck driver Arthur G. Barkley who, distraught from losing his job, attempted to ransom the plane for $100 million. Learn about the hijacking and heroic actions of the plane's captain!
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It's 4:20 Somewhere
Hazy blue smoke surrounds the origins of the annual Fourth of July Smoke-In. Though it now takes place in Lafayette Square, across the barricaded street from the White House, it began on the Mall.
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Congressman and Exotic Dancer Sex Scandal
To sum up the bizarre incident, the Congressman's Lincoln was pulled over the the wee hours around 2 a.m. by the park police near the Tidal Basin. Apparently Mills' nose was bleeding and he had scratches on his face.
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Bizarre and Disappointing: 1977 Marijuana and Liquor Smuggling by School Kids in Montgomery County
This is an unexpected and disappointing article from 1977 about a small group of sixth-graders and a third-grader smuggling marijuana and liquor to and from an elementary school in Montgomery County. Interestingly, this occurred just a few days before President Jimmy Carter implemented the first civil rights law for people with disabilities.
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Recalling the Metro Construction on Wisconsin Ave. During the 1970s
Take a trip back in time to the 1970s and learn about the construction of the Metro along Wisconsin Avenue. We've dug up an old Washington Post article from 1978 and a great diagram!
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Take a Look Back in Time: Photos of Metro Center Under Construction in 1973
Take a look back in time with these amazing photos of Metro Center under construction in 1973. Don't miss these other great old Metro photos showing Dupont Circle!
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Exploring the Changing Washington Navy Yard Through Aerial Photos: Pre- and Post- JFK Assassination
Explore the changing Washington Navy Yard through aerial photos taken before and after President Kennedy's assassination. See the history of the Navy Yard over time and discover what makes this place so special.
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Proposed Three Sisters Bridge Across the Potomac
What happened to the Three Sisters Bridge in Washington, DC and why was it never built?
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A Look Back at the 1971 Maps Showing I-95 Cutting Through D.C.
Take a look back at 1971 maps of what could have been I-95 cutting through D.C. Today, what is now 395, ends at New York Ave. NW. Get a glimpse into what could have been with these fascinating maps from 1971.
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Proposed Demolition of McLean Gardens; Replaced by Embassy Complex
McLean Gardens in Cleveland Park was almost razed and replaced by a complex of foreign embassies.
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A Look at Meridian Hill Park Back in 1976 When It Was Pretty Rough
Take a look back at Meridian Hill Park in 1976 when it was in a state of disrepair. Now, it's getting back to being a great place to spend sunny weekends in Washington, DC.
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Union Station's Rehabilitation, Captured in Photos Taken After the TWA Mount Weather Air Disaster
Check out this photo of Union Station being rehabilitated after the TWA Mount Weather air disaster. Thankfully they saved it instead of knocking it down like so many other buildings back then. See the photo taken two weeks after the disaster here!
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If Walls Could Talk: Super Liquor - House of Cards Edition
Like most of D.C., probably the country, we’re obsessed with House of Cards. It’s a little over the top, but sometimes that’s the beauty of it. Unfortunately, we don’t often expect movies about Washington to be largely filmed in the District or even have accurate portrayals of our fair city. But, House of Cards is one of the better shows when it comes to this. The Metro scenes...
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Hank's Oyster Bar Old Town History
What's the history behind Hank's Oyster Bar's building in Alexandria? 1026 King St. was built in the late 19th century.
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The Big E, Bobby Dandridge, and the 1977-78 Washington Bullets: A Look Back
Relive the glory of the 1977-78 Washington Bullets championship season with Elvin 'The Big E' Hayes and Bobby Dandridge. Read the story behind their victory and the Frank Herzog's classic call of the final seconds of the game.
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Kenny Rogers Concert: The Day the Shah of Iran Fell
On February 11th, 1979, Kenny Rogers was performing a concert in Washington, DC while the Shah of Iran fell and Ayatollah Khomeini took power. Read the blog post to learn more about this day and watch a video from the History Channel’s documentary “Crisis in Iran” narrated by Mike Wallace.
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Nixon and Davis Jr.: An Odd Couple United by the National Advisory Council on Economic Opportunity
In 1975, President Nixon granted Sammy Davis Jr. membership to the National Advisory Council on Economic Opportunity. An odd couple united by their beliefs in economic opportunity, the photo captures a poignant moment in history.
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A Fascinating Photo from President Ford's Administration on the Day After Nixon's Resignation
Check out this fascinating photo of President Ford on August 10th, 1974 - the day after Nixon resigned. Is the expression on his face one of surprise or excitement? See the photo and find out!
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Seedy 1970s Adult Entertainment Business
Washington was much seedier decades ago with all forms of adult entertainment available.
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A Blast From the Past: An Amazing Photo of the Willard Hotel in 1976
Get a glimpse of history with this amazing photo from 1976 of the Willard Hotel, looking northwest across 14th St. Courtesy of the Library of Congress.
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The 1975 Handover of Power at the White House: How Dick Cheney Replaced Donald Rumsfeld as Chief of Staff
This article takes a look at the 1975 handover of power at the White House, when Dick Cheney replaced Donald Rumsfeld as President Ford's Chief of Staff. Read to find out more about the transition and the men behind it!
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Revisiting the Construction of the Washington DC Metro
Take a look back in time at the construction of the Washington DC Metro with photos from the Metro's Facebook page. See the work that went into building the tunnel near Forest Glen, emergency stairs, Silver Spring station, Gallery Place-Chinatown and Archives.
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