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When Did Metro Open in D.C.?
Metro in Washington DC opened on March 27th, 1976. All rides were free that day on the 4.6 miles of tracks.
Who Was Involved in the Watergate Scandal?
Remember the names of those involved in the Watergate scandal? In August 1974, Richard Nixon resigned before being impeached.
Arthur G. Barkley's Desperate Attempt at Ransom: The Story of the 1970 TWA Hijacking
The story of the 1970 TWA hijacking by unemployed bread truck driver Arthur G. Barkley who, distraught from losing his job, attempted to ransom the plane for $100 million. Learn about the hijacking and heroic actions of the plane's captain!
It's 4:20 Somewhere
Hazy blue smoke surrounds the origins of the annual Fourth of July Smoke-In. Though it now takes place in Lafayette Square, across the barricaded street from the White House, it began on the Mall.
Congressman Wilbur Mills and exotic dancer Fanne Foxe speak with reporters outside Foxe’s dressing room in 1974. (Bettmann Archive via Getty Images)
Congressman and Exotic Dancer Sex Scandal
To sum up the bizarre incident, the Congressman's Lincoln was pulled over the the wee hours around 2 a.m. by the park police near the Tidal Basin. Apparently Mills' nose was bleeding and he had scratches on his face.
1977 Washington Post Exposé: Underage Substance Abuse in Silver Spring Elementary School
This is an unexpected and disappointing article from 1977 about a small group of sixth-graders and a third-grader smuggling marijuana and liquor to and from an elementary school in Montgomery County. Interestingly, this occurred just a few days before President Jimmy Carter implemented the first civil rights law for people with disabilities.
Phil Portlock)
Recalling the Metro Construction on Wisconsin Ave. During the 1970s
Take a trip back in time to the 1970s and learn about the construction of the Metro along Wisconsin Avenue. We've dug up an old Washington Post article from 1978 and a great diagram!
Photo of Metro Center in 1973
Take a Look Back in Time: Photos of Metro Center Under Construction in 1973
Take a look back in time with these amazing photos of Metro Center under construction in 1973. Don't miss these other great old Metro photos showing Dupont Circle!
Aerial view of the Washington Navy Yard, looking east (top). This shot shows the Navy Yard’s borders: M Street on the north (left); the waterfront on the south; 11th street on the east, and 2nd street on the west (foreground). On the right bank of the river is Anacostia, September 1963. NHHC Photograph Collection, Navy Subject Files, Washington Navy Yard. (214).
Aerial Views of the Washington Navy Yard Before, During, and After President Kennedy's Assassination
Take a look at the Washington Navy Yard before, during, and after President Kennedy's assassination with these aerial views from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s.
Three Sisters Bridge Across the Potomac Was Never Built
Explore the history of Washington D.C.'s Three Sisters Bridge project, an envisioned Potomac River crossing mired in decades of debate.

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