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Smithsonian Institution Building, “The Castle,” c. 1867.
The Enduring Legacy of the Smithsonian Castle: A Symbol of Knowledge and Resilience
Explore the history and significance of the Smithsonian Castle in Washington D.C. Learn how this architectural gem served as a symbol of unity and enlightenment during the tumultuous post-Civil War era and its evolving role as the heart of the Smithsonian Institution. Discover how the Castle has endured as a treasured national landmark for over a century.
View east on Pennsylvania Ave. in front of the Department of Treasury
A Glimpse Into the Past: Viewing Pennsylvania Avenue in Front of the Treasury Building
Take a step back in time and discover a glimpse into the past with this amazing photo of Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the Treasury Building. Discover more at the Historical Society of D.C. website.
Main Navy and Munitions Buildings in 1942
Temporary Structures Reshape Washington's Monumental Core
Take a rare glimpse of the massive Navy and Munitions Buildings erected on the Mall in 1918. See how massive they were from the Washington Monument in 1942 with this incredible vantage point.
The Special Relationship: Margaret Thatcher's 1979 Visit to the United States
In 1979, Margaret Thatcher visited the United States for the first time to meet with President Jimmy Carter. Despite their differences, Thatcher's visit marked the beginning of a close and productive working relationship between the two leaders. Learn more about their "special relationship" here.
Hagley Archives - Statue of Rear Admiral Samuel Francis DuPont
Where is the Original Dupont Circle Statue?
The original statue of Samuel DuPont sat for more than a generation at the center of Dupont Circle. Then it was removed because people thought it was ugly. Read the story to learn more.
The Last NFL Team to Integrate Was the Washington Redskins
The Washington Redskins were the last NFL team to integrate. Owner George P. Marshall ran a southern-focused media empire.
Bartholdi Fountain Almost Moved to Dupont Circle in 1881
The Bartholdi Fountain on Capitol Hill was almost moved to Dupont Circle at the request of James Blaine. Until history intervened.
dining room at the New Willard
Willard Hotel Photos From 1904
What did the Willard Hotel look like just after it was built in the early 1900s. This series of photos shows the ornate interior as it was back then.
The Beatles in 1966
More 1964 Photos of The Beatles in Washington, D.C.
Amazing photos of the Beatles in Washington, DC. Their first live concert in the US was at Uline Arena in 1964.
Lost By The President, All-Gold Ring in Rock Creek
Teddy Roosevelt went for a pleasant walk in Rock Creek and unfortunately lost his wedding ring in the process. This is a great ad in the newspaper asking for its return.

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