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Dupont Circle Building at 1346 Connecticut Ave. NW
A Look at the Dupont Circle Building from the Air in the 1930s
Take a look at the Dupont Circle Building from the air in the 1930s. See the iconic building, complete with Krispy Kreme and more, from a unique perspective.
Dupont Circle in 1904
A Glimpse Into the Past: An Amazing Photograph of Dupont Circle in 1904
Take a look at this amazing photograph of Dupont Circle in 1904 and see what the area looked like over 100 years ago. You'll be amazed at the changes that have taken place since then!
Dupont Circle looking east
A Glimpse of Dupont Circle in the 1920s: A Photograph from Blaine Mansion
Take a look at this photograph taken from Blaine Mansion in the 1920s, looking east over Dupont Circle. You can see the Cairo Building in the background.
Washington circa 1900. "Jack Blaine residence." The imposing 1880s home of James Blaine, Republican from Maine and three-time presidential aspirant. The house, the only surviving example of the "castles" that once ringed Dupont Circle, is undergoing a major renovation. National Photo glass negative.
Uncovering the Historical Significance of Blaine Mansion in Washington DC
Uncovering the Historical Significance of Blaine Mansion in Washington DC - the only old Dupont Circle "castle" still standing and a great place to get some pizza and delicious craft beer today. Learn about the iconic 1880s home of James Blaine, Republican from Maine and three-time presidential aspirant.
Washington, D.C., circa 1925. "Panama Legation, New Hampshire Avenue and Q Street N.W." 18th Street is on the left and New Hampshire Avenue on the right. This is one of the earliest examples of a stop sign ("Boulevard Stop") in the archive. National Photo Company Collection glass negative.
A Look Back at Washington D.C.'s Changed Landscape: The Panama Legation Building
Take a look back at Washington D.C.'s changed landscape with this blog post about the Panama Legation building. See how this intersection has changed over time and view the original image from 1925.
Washington Times article on Dupont Circle (1902)
The Washington Times, December 21st, 1902: A Detailed Look
Take a closer look at Dupont Circle in this Washington Times article from December 21st, 1902. Click on the image to get a detailed version of the page!
Exploring Canada's Diplomatic History in Washington, DC: Vincent Massey and the 1927 "New Kids in Class
Explore the diplomatic history between Canada and the US through the 1927 arrival of Vincent Massey, the first Canadian diplomat posted to Washington, DC. Learn more about the "new kids in class" phenomenon and how embassies are accepted into their new community.
2011 Luigi's storefront via Facebook
Pizza Pioneers of Washington
Who tossed Washington’s first pizza pie?  Was it “jumbo”?  Deep-dish?  Square?  Turns out, these are tough questions to answer.  Several attempts at D.C. historical pizza research have been made (some incorrectly) in recent years.  Here we’ll introduce the District’s pizza pioneers and tell you about their claims to be the first — rightly and wrongly (PS, here’s a great book on pizza’s global history). The Post tackled...
Dupont Circle in 1900
A Timeless Look at Dupont Circle in 1900
Take a look back in time and see what Dupont Circle in Washington, DC looked like in 1900. This amazing shot clearly shows the Patterson House (now the Washington Club) in the background. What a beautiful frozen moment in time!
streetcar entering Dupont Underground near end of construction in 1949 (theatlanticcities.com)
Taking a Tour of the Dupont Underground: Stepping Back in Time to 1955
Take a tour of the Dupont Underground and you feel like you are stepping back into 1955. Learn about the history of the Dupont Circle underground station, from its construction in 1948 to its ambitious repurposing project today.

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