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Teddy Roosevelt

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Teddy Roosevelt "Frightened" By Drunk Man on Massachusetts Avenue? Not a Chance!
Teddy Roosevelt lived a life of daring and bravery. Even when faced with a drunken man on Massachusetts Avenue, he remained unfazed. You won't believe what he did after being shot in the chest! Read on to find out more about Teddy Roosevelt's incredible story.
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Reading the Sunday Morning Globe from September 22nd, 1901 – President McKinley Assassinated 8 Days Prior
Take a journey back in time and read the Sunday Morning Globe from September 22nd, 1901. Just eight days earlier, President William McKinley had been assassinated and his Vice President, Teddy Roosevelt, was inaugurated as the youngest President.
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The Roosevelt Dog Who Escaped the White House Grounds in 1909
Read about Ace, the Roosevelt bull pup who escaped the White House grounds in 1909. This article from February 6th of that year tells the story, plus find out what happened to LBJ's dog in the White House driveway.
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Deanwood DC: From Railroad Accidents to President Roosevelt's Train
Explore the history of Deanwood DC, from the railroad crossing accident that killed Judge Claughton & Miss Custis to President Roosevelt's train stopping at the Deanwood crossing. Plus, learn about Nannie Helen Burroughs & Marvin Gaye's former neighborhood.
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Teddy Roosevelt's White House Renovations: The Changes That Rocked the Boat
Teddy Roosevelt moved into the White House and made some changes to the Executive Mansion that rocked the boat. Read on to learn about the changes to the White House and the impact they had on the nation!
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Unconfirmed Story of Teddy Roosevelt Striking a Girl with His Riding Whip
140 characters: Unconfirmed reports from the Baltimore Sun stated that Teddy Roosevelt struck a young woman with his riding whip during a ride in Rock Creek Park. Read on to learn the full story.
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Theodore Roosevelt: A Man Who Took a Bullet and Still Gave a Speech
Theodore Roosevelt was a man of courage and strength. He took a bullet in his chest and still gave a speech. See his iconic White House portrait and other photos of the 26th President of the United States.
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Watching Teddy Roosevelt's Inauguration in 1905 - A Fascinating Look Back in Time
Take a look back in time to Mar. 4, 1905, when Teddy Roosevelt was inaugurated in Washington, D.C. with much celebration and fanfare. Watch the video from the Library of Congress and learn more about this historic event.
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