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Teddy Roosevelt’s 1905 Inauguration in Washington, D.C.

Revisit the 1905 inauguration of Teddy Roosevelt in Washington, D.C.! Watch the original footage from the Library of Congress and learn about the Rough Riders, Secret Service, and more.
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Now this is a great one from the vaults of the Library of Congress. I found this on YouTube (of course). There’s no sound, but it’s very interesting to watch.

On Mar. 4, 1905, Teddy Roosevelt was inaugurated in Washington, D.C. with much celebration and fanfare. He rides in an open landau on 15 St. NW, escorted by mounted Rough Riders; Secret Service men and detectives walk on either side of the carriage; he tips his hat to the crowd.

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Sitting beside him is Senator John C. Spooner of Wisconsin, Chairman of the joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies. Opposite, but not clearly visible, are Senator Henry Cabot Lodge of Mass. and Representative John Dalzell of Penn., members of the committee. Second sequence consists of long shots of Roosevelt taking the oath of office on a platform erected on the east front of the Capitol; Chief Justice Melville Weston Fuller (1888-1910) administers the Presidential oath of office as Chief Clerk of the Supreme Court James H. McKenney holds the Bible.

The platform is decorated with plants and garlands and a large banner with the American eagle on it hangs from the center of the railing. West Point cadets and Annapolis midshipmen are assembled below the platform.

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