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Teddy Roosevelt “Frightened” By Drunk Man on Massachusetts Avenue? Not a Chance!

Teddy Roosevelt lived a life of daring and bravery. Even when faced with a drunken man on Massachusetts Avenue, he remained unfazed. You won't believe what he did after being shot in the chest! Read on to find out more about Teddy Roosevelt's incredible story.
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Teddy Roosevelt laughing
Teddy Roosevelt laughing

Another delightfully bizarre post for you from the early 20th century. Leave it to Teddy Roosevelt to be in the middle of another good story.

Considerable prominence has been given to an episode which occurred a few days ago on Massachusetts avenue, in which a drunken man and the President figured.

The President had been walking with Senator Lodge and stopped in front of the latter’s residence, being joined there by his brother-in-law and sister, Commander and Mrs. Cowles, who were in their carriage. When they had alighted and while the party was standing on the pavement, a drunken man, who had been observed coming up the street, slipped and fell. In his efforts to regain his feet, he reached out to the President. At that moment the footman of Cowles carriage took hold of him and helped him to his feet. At the same instant a Secret Service officer appeared and led the man away. He was a well-dressed white man and helplessly intoxicated. In fact, he fell three times before he was escorted as far as Eighteenth street. As soon as he was led away, the President and his friends continued their conversation and paid not further attention to the incident.

The published statement that the President was not the least frightened is entirely correct.

Frightened? Teddy Roosevelt is scared of nothing. He gave a speech AFTER being shot in the chest!

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