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Three Houses for Sale the Day of Pearl Harbor
These three houses were advertised for sale in the Washington Post on December 7th, 1941. Help us identify the 565-acre estate in Warrenton, Virginia.
Three Other Things That Happened at the Watergate
Here are three other notable things that happened at the Watergate. The Reagans had to exit the building by candlelight because the power went out. There were bomb threats and a major protest of the Chicago Seven trial.
Three Homes for Sale 70 Years Ago
These three homes in DC, MD and VA were for sale exactly 70 years ago today on December 29th, 1951. Take a look to see how they have changed (or not).
Hotel Washington entrance
Three Stories From Hotel Washington
If you've lived in D.C. for a while, you'll remember the good old days when the W Hotel was actually Hotel Washington, the historic and storied hotel near the White House. I remember having quite a few pleasant lunches on the roof, with a spectacular view of the Washington Monument and the President's house.
D. Mullany's Saloon at 14th and E St. NW in 1913
Three Things We Miss About Old Saloons in Washington
We miss the days of old saloons in Washington. Here's a look at 3 saloons we'd love to visit again: J.J. O'Keefe's, The Indian and Oedekoven's. Learn more about each one and why we miss them.
Swearing in of Dwight Davis as Assistant Secretary of War on March 5th, 1923
Where Three Former Secretaries of War Used to Live in Washington
Learn more about three former US Secretaries of War and where they used to live in Washington, DC. All three of their homes still stand today. Read our blog to learn more.
What Is the History of CIA's Langley Headquarters?
The location of the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia was not publicly confirmed for over a decade. Exit signs cryptically read "Bureau of Public Roads" to obscure the true destination. It was not until 1973 when James Schlesinger ordered new signage reading "CIA" that the spy agency fully came out of the shadows.
The Dresden at 2126 Connecticut Ave. NW
The Dresden at 2126 Connecticut Ave. NW: A Look Back at the Building's History
Take a look back at the history of The Dresden at 2126 Connecticut Ave. NW, from its 1975 condominium advertisement to the obituary of Princess Cantacuzene to a 1948 rent hike. Learn more about this grande dame of Washington!
McKinley Tech
Three Stories About McKinley Tech
We dug up three stories about McKinley Tech in Washington DC: their football dynasty, star athlete "Snookie" Kernan, and a tragic auto accident involving a graduate. Enjoy this post on the history of McKinley Tech!
Warren Buffett
Three People You Didn't Know Were From D.C.
Warren Buffett, Ben Feldman, and Patch Adams were all from the Washington DC area.

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