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The Mayflower Hotel
The Mayflower Hotel: FDR, Monica Lewinsky and the Walker Hotel and Apartments
The Mayflower Hotel has seen a lot of history, from FDR's famous "Nothing to Fear" speech to Monica Lewinsky's blue dress. Learn more about the "Grande Dame of Washington" and the Walker Hotel and Apartments.
Frager's Hardware
Celebrating 90 Years of History at Frager's Hardware
Celebrate 90 years of history at Frager's Hardware in Capitol Hill, DC. Founded by Russian Jewish immigrant, Fritz Frager, this local institution has remained a mainstay for over 9 decades. Show your support and help to rebuild!
Franklin Square in the snow - April 9th, 1889
The History of Franklin Square: From Natural Spring Water to Civil War Barracks
Explore the fascinating history of Franklin Square, from its natural spring water that supplied the White House in the 1800s to the Civil War barracks that occupied the park in 1861. Learn about the history of this 4.79-acre city square park in Washington, DC.
Hotel Harrington in 1916
Three Advertisements from the Hotel Harrington's Opening Year
As Hotel Harrington prepares to celebrate its 100th birthday, take a look at three of its original advertisements from 1914. See what the landmark hotel offered in its opening year!
At the White House gates. "M.A. Rainey, October 5, 1922." National Photo Company Collection glass negative.
Wild Police Chases of the 1980s in D.C.: Three Things You May Not Have Known
Step back in time and explore wild police chases in D.C. from the 1980s. Read about three of the most noteworthy, plus photos and newspaper clips. Learn something new about D.C. today!
Ghost Dog is Back with Three Stories about Sheridan Circle
Ghost Dog is back with three stories about Sheridan Circle, the most beautiful residential district in Washington. Learn about the 1976 assassination of Orlando Letelier and Ronni Moffitt, the rise of the mansions and a prank involving the statue of General Sheridan.
1791 L'Enfant Plan of the new city
Why Is There No J Street in Washington, DC?
In the English alphabet, the letter J looked too much like the letter I, so Pierre L'Enfant omitted J street in DC.
Ghost Dog visits the Duke Ellington Bridge
Ghost Dog Visits the Duke Ellington Bridge: Three Stories From This Historic Landmark
Ghost Dog went on a walk this past weekend to seek out three stories from the Duke Ellington Bridge (formerly known as the Calvert Street Bridge). Learn about the opening day, a 100-foot plunge, and a compromise on aesthetics to save lives.
The Northumberland (Wikipedia)
Rediscovering the Northumberland: A Glimpse into Its Storied Past and Prominent Residents
Explore the rich history of the Northumberland at 2039 New Hampshire Ave. NW, a striking example of early 20th-century architecture by Harry Wardman and Albert H. Beers. Discover its transformation from luxury apartments to Washington D.C.'s oldest self-managed cooperative, its notable residents including Congress members, and intriguing stories like Charles F. Benjamin's life.
Ghost Dog at the old Capitol columns in the National Arboretum (looking for stories)
Exploring Three Stories From the National Arboretum in Northeast D.C.
Get lost in the natural setting of the National Arboretum in Northeast D.C.! From its establishment in 1927 to a fire in 1957, explore three stories inspired by Ghost Dog's recent visit. Discover the history of this underappreciated gem just two miles from the Capitol Building.

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