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1939 Tourist Footage of Washington

Check out this great film footage of Washington, D.C. from back in 1939.
Bird's-eye view of Washington

What Did D.C. Look Like in 1872?

Here's a cool bird's-eye view of the Capitol and the rest of Washington from 1872. Source: Library of Congress
Monument ("Washington Monument"), Washington, D.C. Rendered perspective

Washington Monument Could Have Looked Like This

We posted some great old alternative designs for the Lincoln Memorial a while back and they were quite popular. Well, we dug up one...
1936 view of the Mall

1936 View of the National Mall

What a great photo from 1936. This shows the National Mall as viewed from the Capitol. Source: Cornell University Library
March 4th, 1920 headline

Aviator Leaps to His Death Near Buzzard Point

Here's a crazy story from the 1920s. We dug this up in the Washington Post, printed on March 4th, 1920. Failure to properly judge the...

History of the National Press Club Spelling Bee

Here's a great video contribution by GoDCer Tom H. http://vimeo.com/74463856
1919 scenic drive route through Washington

Beautiful 16-Mile Drive in the Nation’s Capital

This is a great image from the Washington Times, published on October 25th, 1919. It shows a scenic driving route through the city. Source: Library...
Rock Creek Parkway

1886 Plan to Fill In and Build Over Rock Creek

This is an awesome find. We dug up a fascinating article in the Washington Post from May 23rd, 1886. This was for...
cameramen posing in front of the State, War, and Navy Building

Cameramen at the State, War, and Navy Building (1920)

This photo was taken on March 15th, 1920 at the State, War, and Navy Building. It shows a group of press cameramen, posing in...
National Zoo lions

Lion Eats Woman At National Zoo

Here is a recent crazy story ... very crazy. This one is from March of 1995, so I'm guessing there are a few of...