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Why Is It Named Meridian Hill?
Pierre L'Enfant had originally planned the City of Washington around a right triangle, with the eastern portion at the Capitol, the northern portion at the White House and the 90 degree angle close to where the Washington Monument sits today. Thomas Jefferson marked this spot in 1793 with a wooden post, which was replaced in 1804 with the Jefferson Pier.
Traffic on I-66
Autumn 1984, Washington DC – The Best of Times, The Worst of Traffic: The Story of Dr. John O. Nestor and the Birth of 'Nestoring'
In Autumn 1984, Washington DC, Dr. John O. Nestor set off a heated discussion over driving etiquette with his left-lane strategy. His verb, 'Nestoring', has become an obscure verb and a lesson in sticking to your principles.
Aerial view of U.S. Capitol in 1922
A Look Back in Time: These Cool Old Photos Show DC in 1922 from the Air
Take a look back in time with these cool old photos of Washington, D.C. in 1922. See the city from the air in this fascinating collection of photos!
Empire of Mud: A Captivating Book Detailing the History of Washington, DC
Discover the captivating history of Washington, DC with the book, 'Empire of Mud.' From Pierre L'Enfant to Alexander "Boss" Shepherd, this book details the history of the city and its colorful characters. Check out the YouTube vid & get the book today!
"Rowhouses and moving company." Circa 1925, the furniture and hauling business of Sam Madeoy at 600 H Street N.E. National Photo Company.
The Rapid Transformation of H Street: A Photo from 1925 and the Same Block Today
Take a look at the incredible transformation of H Street in Washington, DC from 1925 to today. See a vintage photo from 1925 and compare it to how the same block looks today on Google Street View.
Three men with bicycles on bridge near Pierce Mill, Washington, D.C.
Exploring the Past: A Look at a Photo from the 1880s-1910s
Take a look back in time with this amazing photo from the 1880s-1910s. We can't quite tell the direction of this shot, but we think it's looking east toward Mt. Pleasant. Source: Library of Congress.
WAterfront fire
Exploring the News Reports of the Burning of Washington 200 Years Ago
Two hundred years ago, the nation's capital was burned by a foreign power. Explore the reactions of two newspapers, The Columbian and the Federal Republican, to this historic event with us. PDFs of the articles are included.
streetcars in front of Union Station
A Look Back at Union Station in Washington, DC in 1920
Take a look at this photo of Union Station in Washington, DC from around 1920. Two streetcars sit in front of the iconic building. Source: Library of Congress.
Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 9.24
Caught on Film: Italian Army General Armando Diaz Visits the White House in 1921
We found this great old film footage at the Moving Image Research Collection at the University of South Carolina. It shows Italian Army General Armando Diaz and Italian Ambassador Rolando Ricci in front of the White House entrance during their visit in 1921. Read our article to learn more about the visit.
Meridian Hill Park
A Look Back at the Construction of Meridian Hill Park – Mary Foote Henderson’s Vision
Taking a look back at the construction of Meridian Hill Park in DC, largely thanks to Mary Foote Henderson's vision of the park. Uncovering never-before-seen photos from the Library of Congress of the park being built.

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