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Harmon Killebrew 1956 Topps baseball card
Washington Senators Move to Los Angeles in 1957
Did you know the Washington Senators almost moved to Los Angeles in 1957? This amazing and true story would have changed the outlook of baseball on both coasts.
Three Homes for Sale 70 Years Ago
These three homes in DC, MD and VA were for sale exactly 70 years ago today on December 29th, 1951. Take a look to see how they have changed (or not).
Washington Post 1996 screen shot
When Did the Washington Post Launch a Website?
The Washington Post launched their first website in June 1996 after a failed attempt at online news called Digital Ink.
1925 Washington Senators
Celebrating the 89th Anniversary of the Washington Senators Opening Game at Griffith Stadium
Celebrate the 89th anniversary of the Washington Senators opening game at Griffith Stadium against the New York Yankees. Read more about the game, Walter Johnson, Lou Gehrig, and Babe Ruth's 1925 season!
Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 1.14
It Was 24 Degrees Below Average 130 Years Ago Today: A Look Back at the Misery of Winter in DC
It was a painfully uncomfortable day 130 years ago in DC. We went through the papers to dig up some old stories about the misery of winter and found some good stuff. Read on to learn more about the freezing temperatures and ice jams in the Potomac River!
The Alexandria Gazette - January 2nd, 1904
Exploring Alexandria History: A Look at the Front Page of the Alexandria Gazette 110 Years Ago
Take a look back in time with us as we explore Alexandria history with a peek at the front page of the Alexandria Gazette exactly 110 years ago, on January 2nd, 1904. See the original page from the Library of Congress.
Army Officers at New Year reception, [Washington, D.C.], 1/1/25
Celebrating the New Year: A Look Back at a 1925 White House Reception
Celebrate the New Year with a look back at a 1925 White House reception. See a photo of a group of military officers visiting the White House 89 years ago today.
Washington Herald - January 1st, 1914
This Was the Front Page of The Washington Herald 100 Years Ago Today
Take a look back in time with this amazing piece of history - the front page of The Washington Herald, exactly 100 years ago today. Source: Library of Congress.
Merry Christmas GoDCers: Revisiting the Christmas Day Front Pages of 1913 Washington
Today marks the 100th anniversary of the front pages of The Washington Times and The Washington Herald in 1913. GoDCers, have a Merry Christmas and take a look back at what the holiday looked like in DC a century ago!
Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 12.50
Remembering President Kennedy and the National Symphony Orchestra Before the Kennedy Center Opening
The National Symphony Orchestra performed at D.A.R. Constitution Hall prior to the opening of the Kennedy Center. Read about President Kennedy's connection to the Orchestra and see an advertisement from The Washington Post, printed on November 22nd, 1963.

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