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What happened today in Washington, D.C. history? Find out by checking Ghosts of DC.

front page of the Washington Times - May 15th, 1912

May 15th, 1912: Taft Depressed By Poor Showing, May Quit Race

Taft and Roosevelt were battling it out for the Presidency in 1912. Here’s the front page of the Washington Times for May 15th, 101 years ago today.
front page of the Washington Times - May 14th, 1912

May 14th, 1912: House Concurs in Direct Elections of Senators

Here is the second day of our “In the Paper” installment for this week. Here is the evening edition of the Washington Times from exactly 101 years ago.
front page of the Washington Times - May 13th, 1912

May 13th, 1912: Boy’s Body Recovered From Potomac

This week, we’re going to post the front and back page of the Washington Times from the week of May 13th, 1912, exactly 101 years ago today. Why didn’t we do 100 years? Because May 13th,...

March 25th, 1907: Prime Quality Portner’s Beer in Alexandria, VA

Here’s a page from the Alexandria Gazette and Virginia Advertiser from Monday, March 25th, 1907, exactly 96 years ago yesterday (I should have posted this on Monday). The most interesting ad is the one for Portner’s...
Washington Times - March 1st, 1913

March 1st, 1913: Titanic Hero Honored at White House

One hundred years ago today, exactly at 2:15 p.m. (when we published this post), Captain A.H. Rostron was awarded a Congressional Medal in the  East Room of the White House. President Taft (in the final days...
advertisement for soldiers in the Daily National Republican on February 7th, 1863

February 7th, 1863: Notice to Sick and Wounded Soldiers

Exactly 150 years ago, today, this was an advertisement published in the Daily National Republican (though it seems the ad itself dates to December of the previous year). Also, it’s interesting to note the warning notice...
Washington Times - November 2nd, 1906 - page 12

November 2nd, 1906: High School Football Player’s Amateur Status Questioned

On Friday, November 2nd, 106 years ago, this was the sports page of the Washington Times.
The Washington Times - October 31st, 1912 - page 8

October 31st, 1912: Halloween Spirit Pervades All Parts of the Capital

Today we’re kicking off a new Ghosts of DC category called “In the Paper,” where we will post an entire page from an old newspaper, and adding just a bit of commentary. These newspaper pages will...
Harmon Killebrew 1956 Topps baseball card

Washington Senators Move to Los Angeles in 1957

We’re a little late on this, but … this day in history (minus 12 days), 56 years ago, the Baltimore Sun reported a rumor that the Washington Senators were moving to the West Coast for the 1957 season....
The New Hadleigh Apartments - August 9th, 1919 (Washington Times)

This Day in History: Birth of the Camden Roosevelt

Washington Times, August 9th, 1919 A new $2,000,000 apartment hotel is to be erected at once on the property bounded by Sixteenth street, New Hampshire avenue, V and W streets. The building will be complete in...
French assault Germans in trench warfare

This Day in History: The Great War Delays D.C. School Opening

This is an interesting article from the Washington Times, dated August 8th, 1914, exactly 98 years ago today. World War I (i.e., the Great War) had been going for roughly two weeks and the paper reported...
"Tilden or Blood" by Thomas Nast in Harper's weekly - Febuary 17th 1877 (Wikipedia)

Election Day 1876: Shakespeare at the National, Real Estate Listings and Rutherford B. Hayes vs. Samuel J. Tilden

If you’re a history buff — and a presidential history buff — you’re well aware of the 1876 U.S. Presidential election. This is not a post about that. You can read up on the whole election...
Lusitania sinking off the coast of Ireland (Ken Marschall)

Book a Crossing on the Lusitania: The Fastest and Largest Steamer Now in Atlantic Service

This is another haunting discover, much like the advertisement I uncovered for the Titanic (also, read about the notable DC resident that went down with that ship). I came across an advertisement in the Washington Post...

100 Years Ago Today: Major Archibald Butt, D.C. Resident, Boards Titanic for Transatlantic Crossing

This post went up at exactly 8 a.m. this morning local time, which is twelve noon Greenwich Mean Time. Exactly 100 years ago at this very moment, on April 12th, 1912, the Titanic set off from Southampton, England,...
Franklin MacVeagh in 1909 (Wikipedia)

All Ideas of Beauty and Order Are Forgotten in the Suburbs

Secretary of the Treasury Franklin MacVeagh was a man that appreciated beauty and the aesthetics of architecture. He was also a clear supporter of urban planning with an eye towards maintaining or enhancing the appeal of...
National Airline advertisement in the Washington Post (1955)

This Day in History: National Airlines Advertisement on March 8th, 1955

We haven’t done a “This Day in History” post in a while, so here is one from 1955. I found an old ad in the Washington Post for National Airlines.
Back to the Future (Wikipedia)

This Day in History: Marty McFly and Back to the Future

Okay, this isn’t a true “This Day in History,” but since I’m such a Back to the Future fan boy, I thought it would be interesting to see what was happening in D.C. on November 5th,...
White House callers on January 24th, 2012

100 Years Ago: Who Visited the White House?

For the next “This Day in History” post, I came across this list of White House visitors for January 24th, 1912. A long list of prominent individuals visited President Taft that day, from the Italian Ambassador,...