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Uncovering History: The Stories of Abraham Lincoln and Boston Corbett
Uncover the fascinating tales of Lincoln, Corbett, and a nation divided in this gripping exploration of Byron Berkeley Johnson's 1914 book. A must-read for history enthusiasts seeking fresh insights!
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Sketches of Abraham Lincoln's Assassination
The Library of Congress has a large collection of graphic arts created over the course of two centuries. They depict famous locations and subjects. There are a large number dedicated to capturing the assassination and aftermath of President Lincoln. Below are an assortment, with descriptions. The text below this work says, “President Lincoln’s Last Reception, Respectfully Dedicated to the People of the United States.” Abraham Lincoln’s last reception Source: Library of...
National Hotel in the 1920s
Exploring the Historic National Hotel: Where Presidents, Assassinations, and Dueling Were Once Plotted
A look at the historic National Hotel, once located at 6th & Pennsylvania Ave. Presidents and duels were plotted there, and John Wilkes Booth stayed there before Lincoln's assassination. The Newseum now stands in its place.
portrait of John Wilkes Booth
John Wilkes Booth's Acting Debut at Ford's Theatre
On November 2nd, 1863, John Wilkes Booth made his acting debut at Ford's Theatre. Check out this advertisement from the Daily National Republican and learn more about Booth's debut in Baltimore on our sister site.
Abraham Lincoln delivers his second inaugural address
Abraham Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address: A Look at the Photo and the Document
Explore the photo of Abraham Lincoln delivering his second inaugural address and the original document. Learn about the confrontation between Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth that may have saved Lincoln's life.
Our American Cousin
Uncovering the Actual Playbill for the Play Lincoln and His Wife Attended on April 14th, 1865
Check out this incredible find - the actual broadside advertising the play that President Lincoln and his wife chose to attend on the fateful night of April 14th, 1865. Click the image for great details.
Lincoln Strangely Forgotten: A Look at the Memorial Collection at the Ford’s Theatre House
It's been over 140 years since Abe Lincoln was gunned down in Ford's Theatre, but sadly the memory of the fallen leader seems to be fading. Here's a look at the memorial collection of mementoes at the Ford's Theatre House.

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