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The Untold Story of Francis Aebersold, Washington's Daring Teenage Rum Runner
Explore the thrilling tale of Francis Aebersold, a daring teenage bootlegger in 1920s Washington D.C., as he defies Prohibition laws and engages in a high-speed chase with Detective Charles A. Berry. Delve into a vivid account of their epic confrontation and the Roaring Twenties' underground speakeasy scene.
Pauline Floyd in 1922 (Shorpy)
Pauline Floyd: Youngest Woman to Practice Before the Supreme Court
Pauline Floyd was a pioneer and an excellent role model for women pursing a career in law. She was the youngest female lawyer admitted to practice before the Supreme Court.
Moran family grave marker at Holy Rood Cemetery
Uncovering the Stories Behind the Names on Headstones at D.C.'s Holy Rood Cemetery
Take a stroll through one of D.C.'s less visited cemeteries, Holy Rood Cemetery, and discover the stories behind the names on the headstones. From prominent doctors to Irish immigrants, uncover the past lives of the city's regular Washingtonians.
The 1962 Congressional Baseball Game at D.C. (later RFK) Stadium. Phil on the left, Speaker John McCormick is throwing out the first ball and Minority Leader Charlie Halleck is standing to the Speaker’s left. In the background, you can see Senators’ Manager Mickey Vernon
The Voice of the Washington Senators: A Conversation with Phil Hochberg
Join us for a conversation with Phil Hochberg, the voice of the Washington Senators and Terps. Learn about Phil's Syracuse University days with Marv Albert and Ted Koppel and his amazing attachment to the historic fabric of Washington.
Washington Monument from above
The Tragic Leap from the Top of the Washington Monument in 1923
A morbid story from The Baltimore Sun, printed on March 10th, 1923. Read about Albert Birney Seip, a war veteran, who tragically leapt to his death from the top of the Washington Monument. Learn about Mrs. Mae Varney Cockrell, who made a similar death leap in 1915.
Crack shot of White House police force. Washington, D.C., Aug. 10. Outstanding marksman of the White House police force is Roland Ford, today averaged 294 bullseyes out of a possible 300 while shooting in competition with marksmen from other agencies in the Treasury Department. Forty-eight experts competed for medals and cup for themselves and their services in the friendly matches, 8/10/37
Uncovering the Life of White House Police Officer Roland Ford
Digging through the Library of Congress archives, we uncovered the life of Roland Ford, a White House police officer. Learn more about his life and his connection to President Roosevelt in this post.
Image shows a black-and-white engraving published in 1834 to portray Washington, D.C. and the west front of the U.S. Capitol grounds as they were in 1800. Includes the west end of the west grounds and Pennsylvania Avenue, with poplar trees planted in 1803.
An Insightful Look at Washington, DC in 1800: A Letter from Oliver Wolcott, Jr.
Explore what the city of Washington, DC was like in the early days of 1800 through the eyes of Oliver Wolcott, Jr., the country's second Secretary of the Treasury. Includes a print from 1834 to show the city at the time.
Nubby Nuckols headlines
Uncovering the Life and Death of Nubby Nuckols, the 1930s D.C. Underlord
Discover the story of Nubby Nuckols, the 1930s D.C. underworld king. We look into his criminal career, his rise to prominence, and his untimely death.
American League Park, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia vs. Washington. May 6, 1905
Exploring Washington's Baseball History: The Story of William J. Donovan and the Baseball House
Follow us as we explore the story of William J. Donovan and the Baseball House, a bar dedicated to the love of baseball in Washington D.C. back in the 19th century. Learn about William J. Donovan, his family, and the Baseball House puzzle he created.
The Significance of the November Poppy and the Forgotten American Tradition of the "Buddy Poppy
Learn about the significance of the November Poppy and the forgotten American tradition of the "Buddy Poppy." Understand the history and importance of the tradition, and why it's important to consider its meaning and make an informed, personal choice before participating.

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