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Can You Find These Homes Today? I Did Some Sleuthing and This is What I Found
Can you find the homes shown in this 1920 Alexandria real estate advertisement? I did some sleuthing and this is what I found. Take a look at the Google Street View and see what you think! Plus, a super random historical context about George Gipp.
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This Great Old Advertisement from The Washington Times: Printed in 1903
Unearth the charm of vintage advertising! Step back to May 1903 with an enchanting piece from The Washington Times.
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A Look Back to 1907: An Advertisement for Silver Spring Park
Take a look back to 1907 with this advertisement for Silver Spring Park, printed in The Washington Times. See the history of the park and its attractions and offerings in this vintage ad.
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Check Out This 1907 Advertisement for Homes in Adams Morgan and Mt. Pleasant
Take a step back in time and check out this advertisement for homes in Adams Morgan and Mt. Pleasant from December 7th, 1907. Printed in The Evening Star, this is so cool!
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Old Dutch Market at Dupont Circle
The Old Dutch Market at Dupont Circle is now occupied by CVS. It was a thriving business in DC through the 1920s. See their launch ad and learn more about what happened to them.
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Three Houses for Sale the Day of Pearl Harbor
These three houses were advertised for sale in the Washington Post on December 7th, 1941. Help us identify the 565-acre estate in Warrenton, Virginia.
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Awesome Old Pan Am Advertisements
Remember when flying was glamorous and an event to really look forward to? Pan Am was an incredible experience and here are some ads for what they offered back then.
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Great 1921 Ad for Dupont Circle Shopping
This is a great advertisement from the early 1920s. The Connecticut Avenue Association was promoting retail up and down Connecticut Ave., near Dupont Circle, including the Dupont National Bank.
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1904 Columbia Heights Real Estate Ad
What was real estate like in Columbia Heights back in 1904? Take a look at this lovely old advertisement.
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Washington Homes For Sale in 1952
Look at the homes for sale around Washington in 1952. These great old real estate ads from The Evening Star show the booming market at the time.
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Stay at the Cairo Hotel For $2 a Night
This great series of advertisements from the papers shows the Cairo Hotel back in the result 1900s. How about a room for $45 a month?
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Kit Homes: How a $2,425 House Can Now Be Worth Over $2 Million
This guest post by Phil Dickieson explores the history of kit homes, which were popular in the early 20th century. Learn how a $2,425 house can now be worth over $2 million!
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Ad for Row Houses on Euclid Street in 1907
These homes on Euclid Street were some of the first in Washington designed by a woman. Check our the ads from 1907.
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This 1924 Advertisement for the Wardman Construction Company in Washington D.C.
Explore an old 1924 advertisement from the Evening Star for the Wardman Construction Company in Washington D.C. and see what the home is worth today. Plus a look at the house and the Lighting Educational Committee.
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Harry Wardman's Woodley Park Homes
Harry Wardman was a prolific developer of Northwest in the 1920s. This ad from The Evening Star shows some of his homes on Cathedral Ave. in Woodley Park.
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Buy a Home in 1925 Silver Spring
What did homes look like in 1920s Silver Spring? This advertisement promotes "growth now has brought modern, rapid transportation."
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Exploring an 1894 Map of Tennallytown and Reno
Take a look at this fascinating 1894 map of Tennallytown and Reno, done by G.M. Hopkins & Co. We'll point out a few things of note and invite you to share what else you notice. Happy Friday!
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Cool Ads to Accompany Yesterday's Post of Petworth's Early 20th Century Development
Take a look at some cool ads from The Evening Star in 1926, which accompany our post from yesterday about Petworth's development in the early part of the 20th century.
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Remembering Piggly Wiggly: An Ode to a Seriously Southern Brand
Take a trip down memory lane and experience the nostalgia of Piggly Wiggly, the seriously southern brand that no longer exists in Washington. Check out this cool old advertisement from 1922.
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Exploring a 1923 Chevy Chase Home Through Real Estate Advertisements and Google Street View
Take a trip back in time and explore a 1923 Chevy Chase home through real estate advertisements and Google Street View. See what the home looked like nearly a century ago!
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Early 20th Century Flying Innovation: William Randolph Hearst, Jay Gould, and the Rex Smith Aeroplane Company
This cool old advertisement shows competition for flying innovation in the early 20th century. William Randolph Hearst offered $50,000 for a successful flight across the U.S. Learn more about Jay Gould's $10,000 offer to the first pilot to fly at 10,000 feet and the Rex Smith Aeroplane Company founded in College Park Maryland.
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Uncovering the Willard Hotel's Room Service Menu from the 1950s or 1960s
Uncovering a fascinating piece of DC history! Check out this old menu for the Willard Hotel's room service, dating back to the 1950s or 1960s. Learn more about this find at Discover DC History.
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A Look at Historic Homes in Washington Heights from 1904 and Today
Take a look back in time with this cool old advertisement from 1904 for homes in Washington Heights. Compare it to what the same homes look like today using Google Street View!
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A Trip Down Memory Lane: Real Estate in Chevy Chase in 1913
Take a trip down memory lane and explore real estate in Chevy Chase, D.C. in 1913. Back then, you could get a great home for $6,500, the equivalent of about $156,000 today. Now, these homes are easily worth a million dollars.
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A Look Back: An Old Advertisement for 1201 Clifton St. NW in Columbia Heights, 1910
Take a look back in time with this old advertisement for 1201 Clifton St. NW in Columbia Heights from 1910. See the original ad and the street view today.
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Exploring the 1886 Washington Nationals Baseball Season Through Scorecards
Take a look back at the 1886 Washington Nationals baseball season through three scorecards from games against the New York Giants, Boston Beaneaters, and Boston Beaneaters. See the advertisements, handwritten notes, and penciled notations on the scorecards.
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Take a Trip Down Memory Lane with this AOL Commercial from the 1990s
Relive the days of the 1990s Internet with this nostalgic AOL commercial. Remember when AOL keywords and free CDs were commonplace? Take a trip down memory lane and watch this commercial today!
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Exploring a 1906 Coca-Cola Ad and the Dreyfus Affair
We love old ads here at Ghosts of DC and this is a great one from The Evening Star, printed on June 24th, 1906. Three weeks later, Alfred Dreyfus was exonerated, bringing an end to the Dreyfus Affair.
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Discovering the Past: A Look into a 1922 Real Estate Ad for West Woodridge
Travel back in time with a 1922 real estate advertisement for West Woodridge, off of Rhode Island Ave. NE, printed in The Evening Star. Explore the promise of suburban living in the past and how it compares to today's standards. Read on to learn more.
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A Glimpse Into The Past: This Home For Sale in Crestwood, Washington DC in 1922
This is an old ad from The Evening Star printed on Saturday, November 11th, 1922. It's a home for sale in Crestwood at 1616 Allison St. NW. Check out the Google Street View today and see the past come alive!
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