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This Great Old Advertisement from The Washington Times: Printed in 1903

Unearth the charm of vintage advertising! Step back to May 1903 with an enchanting piece from The Washington Times.
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This great old advertisement from The Washington Times was printed on Sunday May 31st, 1903. In May 1903, the world was witnessing significant changes and progress. The early 20th century marked a period of rapid industrialization and urbanization, as cities expanded, and new technologies emerged. It was an era of innovation, with the Wright brothers successfully flying the Wright Flyer for the first time just a few months earlier in December 1903.

The Washington times., May 31, 1903, Magazine Features
The Washington times., May 31, 1903, Magazine Features
Source: Library of Congress

Here’s an excerpt from the piece above.

Chevy Chase is purely a social and residential section. No industries are permitted to cast the blight of unattractive or ugly shops and buildings upon the general artistic plan of the suburb. But this lack of stores makes no inconvenience to housewives, for the installation of the city telephone system, the delivery wagons in vogue among the urban dealers, and an efficient and punctual car service provides any such possibility.

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