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Connecticut Avenue Association advertisement in the Washington Times - February 3rd, 1921
Great 1921 Ad for Dupont Circle Shopping
This is a great advertisement from the early 1920s. The Connecticut Avenue Association was promoting retail up and down Connecticut Ave., near Dupont Circle, including the Dupont National Bank.
1904 Columbia Heights Real Estate Ad
What was real estate like in Columbia Heights back in 1904? Take a look at this lovely old advertisement.
Washington Homes For Sale in 1952
Look at the homes for sale around Washington in 1952. These great old real estate ads from The Evening Star show the booming market at the time.
Cairo Flats circa 1890
Stay at the Cairo Hotel For $2 a Night
This great series of advertisements from the papers shows the Cairo Hotel back in the result 1900s. How about a room for $45 a month?
Kit Homes: How a $2,425 House Can Now Be Worth Over $2 Million
This guest post by Phil Dickieson explores the history of kit homes, which were popular in the early 20th century. Learn how a $2,425 house can now be worth over $2 million!
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Ad for Row Houses on Euclid Street in 1907
These homes on Euclid Street were some of the first in Washington designed by a woman. Check our the ads from 1907.
This 1924 Advertisement for the Wardman Construction Company in Washington D.C.
Explore an old 1924 advertisement from the Evening Star for the Wardman Construction Company in Washington D.C. and see what the home is worth today. Plus a look at the house and the Lighting Educational Committee.
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Harry Wardman's Woodley Park Homes
Harry Wardman was a prolific developer of Northwest in the 1920s. This ad from The Evening Star shows some of his homes on Cathedral Ave. in Woodley Park.
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Buy a Home in 1925 Silver Spring
What did homes look like in 1920s Silver Spring? This advertisement promotes "growth now has brought modern, rapid transportation."
Exploring an 1894 Map of Tennallytown and Reno
Take a look at this fascinating 1894 map of Tennallytown and Reno, done by G.M. Hopkins & Co. We'll point out a few things of note and invite you to share what else you notice. Happy Friday!

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