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Washington Homes For Sale in 1952

Look at the homes for sale around Washington in 1952. These great old real estate ads from The Evening Star show the booming market at the time.
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We found a number of terrific old advertisements from The Evening Star back on April 5th, 1952. Take a look below at what was available in the real estate market back then.

How about this home at 507 Northwest Drive? Today it’s roughly valued at $700K. It last sold in 1989 and below is the Google Street View.

This one at 10603 Bucknell Drive is also in Silver Spring is valued at $430K on Redfin. Below is the Google Street View today.

How about Crestwood in Northwest off of 16th Street? This is not a cheap house at nearly $37K. That would be worth about $370K today, which is still far less than the $1.6M it’s valued on Zillow. Check out the Google Street View today.

How about this one at 4629 Blagden Terrace? This is a lovely looking home which is estimated at $1.3M on Redfin. And below is the Google Street View.

3132 Birch St. NW is not an address I am familiar with. It’s north of Barnaby Woods, near the Maryland border in a secluded area close to Rock Creek Park. Surely it’s a quiet and beautiful part of the city. Back in the early 1950s, it was a restricted community, similar to where Senator Richard Nixon and his wife Patty lived. Here’s the Google Street View today.

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How about an old estate with 300 acres? This is Aix La Chapelle in Poolesville, Maryland. It’s a beautiful venue outside of the city, originally built in 1812. Look how beautiful it is today! Someone please share this ad with them so they see it.

Want to get lost in old real estate ads from newspapers from decades ago? Check out the original at the Library of Congress.

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