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Titanic survivors (history.com)
Old Ads and Classifieds: An Amazing Discover of Titanic and Carpathia Ads from 1912
Take a step back in time and explore these amazing Titanic and Carpathia ads from 1912. Discover the Washington residents aboard the ill-fated Atlantic crossing and the ship that rescued its survivors.
National Airline advertisement in the Washington Post (1955)
This Day in History: National Airlines and the 1950s/1960s Jet Age
We haven't done a 'This Day in History' post in a while, so here is one from 1955. We take a look at National Airlines, one of the premier domestic airlines of the 1950s and 1960s, and their role in the Jet Age.
13th and Harvard St. NW advertisement (1905)
Exploring Columbia Heights: A Look at the Old Advertisement from 1905
Check out this old advertisement from 1905 about the elegant residences of Congressmen and other prominent citizens in Columbia Heights. We explore the homes that surrounded the area back then!
Washington Gas Light Co. advertisement (1906)
How Gas Lighting & Heating Was Financed in Washington, DC in 1906
Discover how gas lighting & heating was financed in Washington, DC in 1906. Learn about the Washington Gas Light Co. and their role in the city since 1848. Plus, read a related article about gas ranges in 1916.
Palisades of the Potomac (1890)
Exploring the Palisades of the Potomac (1890)
Explore the Palisades of the Potomac, a beautiful neighborhood located at the edge of the District of Columbia that was home to some of the wealthiest Washingtonians in the late 19th century. Learn more by viewing the 1890 advertisement!
Gas range avertisement 1916
The Washington Gas Company and Their 1916 Gas Range Advertisement
Read about Washington Gas Company, formerly known as Washington Gas Light Company, and their 1916 gas range advertisement. Learn more about their service in the D.C. metropolitan area for close to 160 years.
Duchess of Idaho
Esther Williams and Van Johnson Recreate 'Duchess of Idaho' on WTOP Radio in 1952
Esther Williams and Van Johnson recreated their musical romantic comedy, 'Duchess of Idaho' on WTOP Radio in 1952. Learn more about this A-list celebrity couple and watch the movie trailer!
Coke Dandruff Cure
The Strange History of Coke Dandruff Cure in Washington, D.C.
Discover the strange history of Coke Dandruff Cure in Washington, D.C. at the turn of the century. Find out more about Henry Evans, a druggist on F St NW, and how he used cocaine as an ingredient in his dandruff cure. Explore the Carnegie Institution and its founding on January 28th, 1902.
Travel Back in Time: The 1909 Ad for a Rauch & Lang Electric Car
In 1909, the Rauch & Lang Electric car was available for $1,500. Read about this vintage automobile and its features in this blog post.
North Columbia Heights development plots
Advertisement for Plots in Columbia Heights in 1902
Discover the 1902 advertisement for plots in Columbia Heights with a great real estate boom and $500,000 investment in houses. Learn about the extended streetcar lines, healthy living environment, and payment options for lots. Explore the impact of Fulton R. Gordon, a major real estate player in D.C.

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