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The Washington Gas Company and Their 1916 Gas Range Advertisement

Gas range avertisement 1916
Read about Washington Gas Company, formerly known as Washington Gas Light Company, and their 1916 gas range advertisement. Learn more about their service in the D.C. metropolitan area for close to 160 years.
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If you live in the D.C. metropolitan area, and you pay bills, chances are, you’re paying Washington Gas (formerly known as Washington Gas Light Company). They’ve been serving the area for close to 160 years now and about a hundred years ago, they were also in the business of selling gas ranges out of a store at 425 10th St. NW (right where the FBI building is today).

Here is a cool advertisement from the February 1st, 1916 Washington Times. It’s interesting to note to reference to the war (i.e., World War I – which the U.S. had not yet entered). Metal prices were going up and they were pushing their ranges at, what was then, very competitive prices.

Gas range avertisement 1916
Gas range advertisement (1916)
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It’s amazing how much patience people had back then, mailing in a request for more information and waiting several days for turnaround. Sadly, I can’t remember the last time I sent a letter or a postcard.

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