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Prince of Wales Visits Washington

In 1919, the Prince of Wales visited Washington, DC. This video shows his tour of the area.
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This is a drawing done by John T. McCutcheon for the 1919 visit of the Prince of Wales.

"When the Prince of Wales visits Washington" - Library of Congress
“When the Prince of Wales visits Washington” – Library of Congress

The Library of Congress also had this great clip of him visiting Teddy Roosevelt’s grave.

Below is the caption for the video.

In the summer of 1919, Edward, the Prince of Wales, later King Edward VIII, embarked on a tour of the Dominions. After touring Canada for several months, the Prince decided to spend several days in the United States. His visit was the first visit of a Prince of Wales to the United States since that of his grandfather, Edward VII, fifty years earlier. On his last day in New York, Nov. 21, 1919, the Prince made a semiprivate journey to Oyster Bay. Film shows the Prince placing a laurel wreath on TR’s grave in Youngs Memorial Cemetery; the Prince, Theodore Roosevelt Jr., wearing a mourning band, a man who is probably Joseph M. Nye, Chief of Special Agents, Dept. of State, and a group of men return down the path from the gravesite. Behind the Prince, the man wearing dark glasses is probably Viscount Grey, British Ambassador to the United States. A man wearing an ascot and walking in the rear of the group may be Rodman Wanamaker, Chairman of the Mayor’s Committee on Reception to Distinguished Guests. The Prince tips his hat to people gathered alongside the path.

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