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How Gas Lighting & Heating Was Financed in Washington, DC in 1906

Discover how gas lighting & heating was financed in Washington, DC in 1906. Learn about the Washington Gas Light Co. and their role in the city since 1848. Plus, read a related article about gas ranges in 1916.
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Here’s an old advertisement from the Washington Times. This ad for gas lighting and heating ran in the March 2nd, 1906 newspaper. You could choose to have gas fixtures installed throughout your home and have the entire cost amortized over the course of the year … kind of like the deals Best Buy offers these days (no interest financing for 18 months!).

Washington Gas Light Co. advertisement (1906)
Washington Gas Light Co. advertisement (1906)

By the way, the company has been around since it’s founding in 1848. President James K. Polk signed the Congressional act creating the company on July 8th, 1848. The company went on to install gas lights in the House and Senate chambers, followed by the lighting in the White House and down Pennsylvania Avenue.

By 1856, Washington Gas had grown to include nearly 1,700 customers, more than 30 miles of gas mains, and about 500 street lights.

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