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This Great Old Advertisement from The Washington Times: Printed in 1903
Unearth the charm of vintage advertising! Step back to May 1903 with an enchanting piece from The Washington Times.
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A Look Back to 1907: An Advertisement for Silver Spring Park
Take a look back to 1907 with this advertisement for Silver Spring Park, printed in The Washington Times. See the history of the park and its attractions and offerings in this vintage ad.
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Check Out This 1907 Advertisement for Homes in Adams Morgan and Mt. Pleasant
Take a step back in time and check out this advertisement for homes in Adams Morgan and Mt. Pleasant from December 7th, 1907. Printed in The Evening Star, this is so cool!
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The Height Debate in Washington: Examining a Letter to The Washington Post from 1905
We thought it would be interesting to dig up a previous argument from the archives of The Washington Post. Read a letter to the editor, originally printed in April 1905, and learn more about its author.
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Willard Hotel Photos From 1904
What did the Willard Hotel look like just after it was built in the early 1900s. This series of photos shows the ornate interior as it was back then.
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Lost By The President, All-Gold Ring in Rock Creek
Teddy Roosevelt went for a pleasant walk in Rock Creek and unfortunately lost his wedding ring in the process. This is a great ad in the newspaper asking for its return.
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Pauline Floyd: Youngest Woman to Practice Before the Supreme Court
Pauline Floyd was a pioneer and an excellent role model for women pursing a career in law. She was the youngest female lawyer admitted to practice before the Supreme Court.
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1904 Columbia Heights Real Estate Ad
What was real estate like in Columbia Heights back in 1904? Take a look at this lovely old advertisement.
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Photos of Lost Southworth Cottage in Georgetown
This cottage sat atop the Exorcist Stairs in Georgetown. Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte Southworth wrote more than 60 novels in the latter part of the 19th century and was one of the most widely read authors of that era.
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Hamilton "Ghost" Circle and Fairview Heights Near the Cathedral
The neighborhood surrounding the circle was once dubbed Fairview Heights, which no longer seems to appear on any contemporary maps.
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Wolf Escapes From Zoo, Terrorizing Cleveland Park
What a horrifying story about a wolf escaping from the National Zoo.
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Apartment Building Collapses in Dupont Circle
Part of the building at 20th and P St. near Dupont Circle came crashing down during construction in 1908. Two workmen were killed and several more came close to meeting a horrific end.
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Ad for Row Houses on Euclid Street in 1907
These homes on Euclid Street were some of the first in Washington designed by a woman. Check our the ads from 1907.
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About Brookland's Cuckold's Delight Subdivision
Why would somebody name a subdivision Cuckold's Delight? We can't think of a more bizarre name considering what it means.
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Exploring the Development of Chevy Chase in 1907
Take a journey back in time to the development of Chevy Chase in 1907! We'll look at a historical map and explore the area on Google Maps to see what has changed!
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The West Wing of the White House: A Glimpse into its Early History
Discover the history of the West Wing of the White House through a vintage photograph taken by William Henry Jackson shortly after its completion. Learn about the architecture and construction of this iconic wing of the White House, and gain a glimpse into its early years. Explore the Detroit Publishing Company photograph collection at the Library of Congress for more historical treasures.
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An Analysis of the 1900 Washington Post Article on Horses and Automobiles
This analysis of a 1900 Washington Post article on the advent of automobiles shows a disregard for the new technology, with horse dealers even calling it a fad. A photo of 14th and Pennsylvania in 1918 shows both horses and automobiles.
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No More Foreign Cars! They're an Abomination - A Look Back at the Hyperbole of 1909
Nearly 110 years ago, The Baltimore Sun published an opinion piece decrying foreign cars as an abomination and a detriment to the economy. Take a look back at the hyperbolic yet surprisingly familiar rhetoric of 1909 America.
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Witnessing History: Orville Wright's Flight Record at Fort Myer in 1909
Relive the momentous event of Orville Wright's flight record at Fort Myer in 1909 with this high-resolution image from the Library of Congress. Witness history!
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Exploring the Lord Fairfax House in Alexandria, Virginia
Take a virtual tour of the Lord Fairfax House in Alexandria, VA. Learn about the Baron of Cameron and see the Google Street View today.
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Whoa! Check Out This Colorized Photo of a Horseless Carriage in 1906
Whoa! Check out this amazing colorized photo of a "horseless carriage" in 1906, featuring Senator George P. Wetmore of Rhode Island. Can you identify the building in the background?
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Uncovering a Historical Gem: the Willard Hotel around the Year 1904
Take a look at this amazing photo of the Willard Hotel from the year 1904. See what the building looked like in that era and click to learn more. Source: Library of Congress.
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Gave the Room a Sneak Peek: 1903 Map of the Area Around Today's World Bank
Thanks for the great opportunity to speak at the World Bank today. Check out the 1903 map of the area around today's World Bank that I gave the room a sneak peek of and am posting for all others now!
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The Raleigh Hotel: A Glimpse into the Past of 12th and Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Take a journey back in time with this amazing photo of the long-lost Raleigh Hotel, formerly located at 12th and Pennsylvania Ave. NW. Learn the history of this iconic structure and its tragic removal.
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A Glimpse into the Past: Exploring the United States House of Representatives from 1908
Take a look back into history with this unique photo from 1908 of the United States House of Representatives. Learn about the laws passed, senators debating, and the socializing in the evening.
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A History of Tennallytown: From 1903 Map to Google Map
Take a journey through time with this fascinating post about the history of Tennallytown. From a 1903 map to a modern-day Google Map, you won't want to miss this fascinating post.
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Exploring the Past and Present of Washington, DC with Maps
Digging into the past of Washington, DC? Check out this comparison of an old 1903 Baist map of DC near the Capitol and a Google Map of the same area in 2017. See how much things have changed!
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A Look at Historic Homes in Washington Heights from 1904 and Today
Take a look back in time with this cool old advertisement from 1904 for homes in Washington Heights. Compare it to what the same homes look like today using Google Street View!
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Witnessing History: Orville Wright Sets Flight Duration Record in 1909
On July 27th, 1909, Orville Wright set the flight duration record at Ft. Myer. This historic flight was over 40 miles with an average speed of over 40 miles per hour. Witness the test flight in this video.
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Take a Look at what the Jefferson Memorial Area Looked Like Before 1943
Take a look at this great photo from 1908 showing what the area around the Jefferson Memorial and the Capitol Building looked like before the memorial was completed in 1943.
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