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Harrison Dyar: The Scientist Who Dug Secret Tunnels Under D.C.
The peculiar tale of Harrison G. Dyar Jr., the brilliant entomologist who dug elaborate tunnels below Washington D.C. in secret for years until the underground network was accidentally exposed in 1924, sparking mystery.
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Was Pat Garrett an Outlaw or a Lawman?
Explore whether Pat Garrett was an outlaw or a lawman. Discover his ties with Teddy Roosevelt and how it affected his legacy.
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This Great Old Advertisement from The Washington Times: Printed in 1903
Unearth the charm of vintage advertising! Step back to May 1903 with an enchanting piece from The Washington Times.
1907 advertisement for Silver Spring Park
A Look Back to 1907: An Advertisement for Silver Spring Park
Take a look back to 1907 with this advertisement for Silver Spring Park, printed in The Washington Times. See the history of the park and its attractions and offerings in this vintage ad.
advertisement for homes in 1907
Check Out This 1907 Advertisement for Homes in Adams Morgan and Mt. Pleasant
Take a step back in time and check out this advertisement for homes in Adams Morgan and Mt. Pleasant from December 7th, 1907. Printed in The Evening Star, this is so cool!
view down Pennsylvania Ave. in 1905 during Roosevelt's inauguration
The Height Debate in Washington: Examining a Letter to The Washington Post from 1905
We thought it would be interesting to dig up a previous argument from the archives of The Washington Post. Read a letter to the editor, originally printed in April 1905, and learn more about its author.
dining room at the New Willard
Willard Hotel Photos From 1904
What did the Willard Hotel look like just after it was built in the early 1900s. This series of photos shows the ornate interior as it was back then.
Lost By The President, All-Gold Ring in Rock Creek
Teddy Roosevelt went for a pleasant walk in Rock Creek and unfortunately lost his wedding ring in the process. This is a great ad in the newspaper asking for its return.
Pauline Floyd in 1922 (Shorpy)
Pauline Floyd: Youngest Woman to Practice Before the Supreme Court
Pauline Floyd was a pioneer and an excellent role model for women pursing a career in law. She was the youngest female lawyer admitted to practice before the Supreme Court.
1904 Columbia Heights Real Estate Ad
What was real estate like in Columbia Heights back in 1904? Take a look at this lovely old advertisement.

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