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Incredible Aerial View of Washington, D.C. in 1918
Check out this incredible aerial view of Washington, D.C. from 1918. Click on the image for a larger version to see some amazing details!
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Incredible 1880 Statistical Maps of Washington
This series of maps shows property values, pavement times, public schools, railroads, street sweeping schedules and more. Don't miss these incredible maps showing 1880s life in Washington.
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What Could Have Been: Howard University's Proposed Extension of Vermont Ave. in 1919
Take a look at what could have been! Howard University proposed extending Vermont Ave. from Florida Ave. to Georgia Ave. back in 1919. See the maps, read the letter of rejection, and check out the intersection today on Google Maps.
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1880 Map of Telegraph Lines in Washington
The first overland long-distance telegraph line in the United States was between Baltimore and Washington in 1843. This map shows all telegraph lines in Washington in 1880.
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Exploring the Atlas District: A 1921 Map of Officer Sprinkle's Neighborhood
Explore the Atlas District of Washington, DC in 1921 with this map of Officer Sprinkle's neighborhood. Requested by GoDCer Vaughn. Enjoy!
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23 Detailed Maps of Washington, D.C. in 1874
These are old maps of Washington in 1874. They're amazingly detailed and are a "manual for business men."
1963 Map of D.C. Public Housing
This fascinating old map from 1963 shows all the public housing developments in Washington, DC.
Exploring Sixteenth Street Heights: An Old Map and a Look at the Present
Take a look at an old map of Sixteenth Street Heights and explore the area today. See the notable buildings like the old French Embassy, The White House, and Henderson Castle. Plus, learn why it's called Sixteenth Street Heights and why there's also 14th Street Heights.
1915 Map of Racially Segregated D.C. Schools
This 1915 map shows the segregated schools of Washington. Integration wouldn't begin until 1954.
Exploring the Development of Chevy Chase in 1907
Take a journey back in time to the development of Chevy Chase in 1907! We'll look at a historical map and explore the area on Google Maps to see what has changed!

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