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Faces & Places of Yesterday

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Photos of yesterday, featuring regular people and regular places.

Severine G. Leoffler: The Man Who Fed 1919 D.C. with His Iconic Liberty Lunches
Step back in time with this captivating 1919 photo of Leoffler's Liberty Lunch stand in Washington, D.C., where just 20 cents could buy government workers a box lunch filled with surprises. Discover the story of Severine G. Leoffler's entrepreneurial spirit in the early days of street food.
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Outlaw Biker Gangs Bring Violence to Arlington’s Streets in 1966
When motorcycle gangs roared through idyllic 1960s Arlington wielding guns and attitude, this quiet suburb transformed into a hotbed of biker brawls, babes, and cop-defying crime sprees.
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The Whitelaw Hotel: Excellence in Segregated Washington
Washington D.C.’s historic Whitelaw Hotel hosted jazz legends Duke Ellington and Cab Calloway during the segregation era when it opened in 1919 as a luxurious refuge for black travelers. Built by black visionaries like John W. Lewis and Isaiah T. Hatton, the Whitelaw's storied rise, fall, and rebirth embodies the struggles and achievements of African Americans in the capital.
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From The Tombs to 'St. Elmo's Fire': The Legendary Georgetown Bar that Inspired a Brat Pack Classic
Ever wonder about the real-life inspiration behind the iconic bar in 'St. Elmo’s Fire'? Share your own memories from this Brat Pack inspiration.
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Do You Remember Peoples Drug? A Nostalgic Look Back at a Regional Pharmacy Icon
So do you have fond memories of Peoples Drug stores? Did you have a regular Peoples Drug you visited? Share your recollections of this classic pharmacy chain that served so many communities over its long lifetime. It may be gone, but Peoples Drug remains a nostalgic part of history for many.
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A Look Back at Logan Circle in the 1920s
Take a look back at Logan Circle in the 1920s with this photo from the Library of Congress. Learn more about the history of Logan Circle with Ghosts of DC.
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Exploring Alexandria, Virginia Through Vintage Photos From September 23rd, 1940
Take a look back in time and explore Alexandria, Virginia through vintage photos taken on September 23rd, 1940. Enjoy a glimpse of the past captured through Charles W. Cushman's Photograph Collection.
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Unique Aerial View of the Waterfowl Sanctuary near Gravelly Point
Discover a unique aerial view of the waterfowl sanctuary near Gravelly Point. Get a birds-eye look of this beautiful landscape with this stunning image from the Library of Congress.
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Exploring the Historical Context of Union Station in Washington, D.C. on August 14, 1963
Take a look at a cool old photo of Union Station in Washington, D.C. taken by Thomas O'Halloran on August 14, 1963. Learn more about the historical context of the photo including the Great Train Robbery, James Meredith's graduation, and the March on Washington.
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Exploring the Lost Jewel of the Capital: A Journey Through the Historic Metropolitan Theater's Golden Era
Dive into history with the Metropolitan Theater, an architectural marvel that defined the golden era of American cinema in the nation's capital.
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