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A stereograph image showcasing the inauguration ceremony of Rutherford B. Hayes, marking the beginning of his presidency in the United States.
Blood on the Marble: The Taulbee-Kincaid Capitol Shooting
Dive into the gripping story of the 1890 Capitol feud: Congressman Taulbee's scandalous fall and his deadly confrontation with journalist Kincaid, culminating in a tragic shooting that echoes through the halls of history.
Air Florida Flight 90 Tragedy: Blizzard, Heroism, and the Potomac's Icy Waters
Explore the harrowing tale of Air Florida Flight 90's crash into the Potomac River during Washington D.C.'s 1982 blizzard. Uncover stories of tragedy, remarkable heroism, and the city's struggle amidst a day of unparalleled despair.
Outlaw Biker Gangs Bring Violence to Arlington’s Streets in 1966
When motorcycle gangs roared through idyllic 1960s Arlington wielding guns and attitude, this quiet suburb transformed into a hotbed of biker brawls, babes, and cop-defying crime sprees.
Harrison Dyar: The Scientist Who Dug Secret Tunnels Under D.C.
The peculiar tale of Harrison G. Dyar Jr., the brilliant entomologist who dug elaborate tunnels below Washington D.C. in secret for years until the underground network was accidentally exposed in 1924, sparking mystery.
Scary photo of Maryland Goatman in the woods (Midjourney AI)
Maryland Goatman: Real Legend of the Old Line State
Half-goat, half-ax-wielding maniac, the folklore of Maryland's infamous Goatman has frightened locals and captivated imaginations since sightings began in the 1970s. But what is the real story behind this enduring legend? Learn the origins, evolution, and cultural impact of Maryland's iconic monster.
Screen shot 2012-05-23 at 4.53
Clarence Chesterfield Howerton: The Remarkable Journey of 'Major Mite' from White House Visits to Hollywood Stardom
In December 1922, 9-year-old Clarence Chesterfield Howerton, known as "Major Mite," visited the White House. Read about the visit and see a photo from the Washington Post on Ghosts of DC.
October 29, 1925. Washington, D.C. "Melvin Jones, 5, who pierced heart with scissors."
The Incredible Story of Melvin Jones, Five Years Old, Who Punctured His Heart with Scissors
Read the incredible story of Melvin Jones, five years old, who punctured his heart with scissors in 1925. Learn how his life was saved by a doctor and let this be a lesson to all children out there. Don't run with scissors!
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The Legacy of the McCrory Disaster: A Somber Reminder of the Devastating Impact of Industrial Accidents
On November 21, 1929, a boiler explosion in the basement of the McCrory five-and-dime store in Washington, D.C. killed six people and injured dozens more. The legacy of the McCrory disaster serves as a reminder of the importance of workplace safety and the need to remain vigilant in upholding high standards of safety and prevention.
Wolf Escapes From Zoo, Terrorizing Cleveland Park
What a horrifying story about a wolf escaping from the National Zoo.
Apartment Building Collapses in Dupont Circle
Part of the building at 20th and P St. near Dupont Circle came crashing down during construction in 1908. Two workmen were killed and several more came close to meeting a horrific end.

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