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Category: From the Crazy Vault

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Apartment Building Collapses in Dupont Circle

Part of the building at 20th and P St. near Dupont Circle came crashing down during construction in 1908. Two workmen were killed and several more came close to meeting a horrific end.

White House northwest gate

Man Crashes Truck Through White House Gate

Doyle Allen Hicks wanted to warn President Kennedy of the coming communist takeover of the country. Find out what happened after he drove his truck through the White House gates.

Pilot Lands Plane on Street Next to West Wing

In 1910, a British pilot landed his small biplane between the West Wing and the Old Executive Office Bulding. He stopped for lunch with some dignitaries and then took off. Read the incredible story.

Dulles Airport Hijacking

Arthur G. Barkley was an unemployed bread truck driver from Phoenix hijacked a Washington-bound TWA jet, demanding $100 million in ransom. He was distraught from losing his job, became embroiled in lawsuits against his employer, the Teamsters Union, and the IRS, which accused him of failing to pay $471.78 in 1964 income taxes. Originally his […]

Traffic on I-66

What Is Nestoring?

Autumn 1984, Washington DC – It was the best of times, it was the worst of traffic. In September of 1984, The Washington Post published a story about a horrendous Beltway accident. Though numerous letters were published in response to the story, one letter launched a discussion that continued for months, nay, years. In the […]

Congressman Wilbur Mills and exotic dancer Fanne Foxe speak with reporters outside Foxe’s dressing room in 1974. (Bettmann Archive via Getty Images)

Congressman and Exotic Dancer Sex Scandal

To sum up the bizarre incident, the Congressman's Lincoln was pulled over the the wee hours around 2 a.m. by the park police near the Tidal Basin. Apparently Mills' nose was bleeding and he had scratches on his face.

Flying Saucers Over the Capitol and White House

The hot summer of 1952 witnessed some bizarre lights floating over the District. Evidently for many nights in July, sightings were reported of up to seven lights flying around the night sky, including over the Capitol Building. Radar operators claimed they saw strange blips on their screens and flight attendants on planes approaching National Airport […]

NSA headquarters in Ft. Meade

NSA Allows Homosexual to Stay

When this headline hit the papers in 1980, it was a big deal. A really big deal. Being gay was something that would disqualify you from holding a security clearance. Below are excerpts from the article printed on December 30th of that year. In a decision believed to be the first of its kind the […]


Marijuana and Alcohol Consumed by Kids in Silver Spring

This is a bizarre and disappointing article that we dug up in The Washington Post. It was printed on April 2nd, 1977. Montgomery County school officials have learned that a small group of children–six sixth-graders and a third-grader–were smoking marijuana and drinking liquor on the way to and from an elementary school in a comfortable Silver […]

Takoma Park Bans Guns, Dogs, and Weeds

This is a bizarre piece we found in The Washington Post from July 18th, 1928. And no, we’re not talking about that weed. The town fathers of Takoma Park, Md., have declared war on wild guns, wild dogs and wild weeds. The guns, they say, must not be carried except by persons with permits from the […]

Vietnam-Era Soldier’s Remains Found 30 years Later at 10th and E St. NW

Thanks to a tip from GoDCer John, we did some digging into the story of a soldier who disappeared from Ft. Myer in 1967. A few Google searches later and we came across the story of Allen L. Adams of Palm Beach, Florida, who dropped out of high school in 1965 to join the Army. […]

Washington Post - April 29th, 1895

Where Was Herring Hill in Georgetown?

We once had a neighborhood called Herring Hill? True story. It was named for the fish pulled from Rock Creek, which, I don’t think are quite as plentiful today. Herring hill was the epicenter of the African-American community in eastern Georgetown through about the 1930s. begins as you head west from Dupont Circle on P St., […]

Washington Post headline

Shots End Alexandria Saloon Brawl

The sub headline for this article was “Walter Bryant Hurls Beer Bottle and Edward Bryant Uses Pistol.” Who do you think won that fight? We dug up this wild article in The Washington Post, printed on April 24th, 1908. Three days later, the 1908 Summer Olympics were held in London. Yes, the games took much longer […]

Washington Post headline - December 29th, 1924

Man Killed and Gunman Seized in Daylight Brawl

Below is a story we came across from The Washington Post, printed on December 29th, 1924. Remember, this was during the depths of Prohibition, so beer was non-alcoholic (and pretty terrible). George King and Joe Nally, said by police to be notorious gunmen, went on another spree yesterday and killed, they say, “Good Old Tom” Brady, […]

Washington Post - August 5th, 1928

Prohibition Agents Raid 18th Street Oyster House Speakeasy

These prohibition stories are always great. This one is from a raid that happened on August 3rd, 1928 at 2106 18th St. NW in Adams Morgan. Today, the building is the home of Casa Oaxaca. Below is the article that we found in The Washington Post about the raid and subsequent legal problems for the proprietors. […]

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