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Old Dutch Market at Dupont Circle
The Old Dutch Market at Dupont Circle is now occupied by CVS. It was a thriving business in DC through the 1920s. See their launch ad and learn more about what happened to them.
View of Washington from Georgetown in 1801
A Foreigner's Impressions of Washington in 1799
What did the new capital look like in 1799? This is an account John Davis, an Englishman who spent four years in the late 18th century traveling up and down the east coast of the new country.
A Fascinating Look Back at the Democratic Women's Club in 1968 and the Predictions of Dr. Anthony Wiener
We stumbled upon a fascinating article from The Washington Post from March 1968, written by Elizabeth Shelton. The headline was "Democratic Women Get Preview of Year 2000" and some of it was incredibly prescient. Read on to learn more about the predictions of Dr. Anthony Wiener of the Hudson Institute.
A Look Back at the History of 910 15th St. NW in McPherson Square
Take a look back at the history of 910 15th St. NW in McPherson Square! Learn about the evolution of this DC landmark and how it's been transformed into the Camden Parc Apartments.
View looking north up 7th Street NW from G Street NW. Streetcars, automobiles and horse pulled carts are in the street.
A Comparison of 7th & G Street NW in 1911 and Today
Take a look at the remarkable transformation of 7th & G Street NW in Washington D.C. from 1911 to today. See the difference in streetcars, automobiles, and horse-drawn carts in this comparison.
National Bank of Washington--Louisiana Avenue--Central National Bank
A Look Back at the National Bank of Washington in 1892
Take a look back in time to 1892 with this beautiful old photograph of the National Bank of Washington. See how the buildings look today in a Google Street View!
This is Pretty Cool: Check Out Google Street View and the Early 1920s
Take a look at this cool spot on Google Street View and then check out what it looked like back in the early 1920s. See the photos and explore the history of this place!
O Street Market on northwest corner of 7th and O Streets NW. (Emil A. Press Slide Collection, 1959)
The Evolution of O Street Market: Comparing 1959 to Today
See the incredible transformation of the O Street Market from 1959 to today. Check out how this landmark has changed, and the similarities that remain. Visit the Historical Society of Washington, D.C. to learn more!
1072 Thomas Jefferson St. NW
Then and Now: Thomas Jefferson Street in Georgetown
Explore the transformation of Thomas Jefferson Street in Georgetown from 1899 to present day with this Then and Now comparison. See the same buildings in the Library of Congress photo and on Google Street View. Share it with your friends on Twitter and Facebook!
Loudon National Bank and King Street
A Look Back at the Intersection of King Street and Market Street in Leesburg
Take a trip back in time and explore the intersection of King Street and Market Street in Leesburg today. See what the area looked like around 1920 with a look at the historic photo and Google Street View.

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