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Rosslyn City in 1889: The Vision of Becoming Washington's Brooklyn
Explore the 1889 ambition of Rosslyn City, touted as the "Brooklyn of Washington," and its emblematic journey of urban aspirations and challenges.
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Incredible 1880 Statistical Maps of Washington
This series of maps shows property values, pavement times, public schools, railroads, street sweeping schedules and more. Don't miss these incredible maps showing 1880s life in Washington.
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Where is the Original Dupont Circle Statue?
The original statue of Samuel DuPont sat for more than a generation at the center of Dupont Circle. Then it was removed because people thought it was ugly. Read the story to learn more.
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1880 Map of Telegraph Lines in Washington
The first overland long-distance telegraph line in the United States was between Baltimore and Washington in 1843. This map shows all telegraph lines in Washington in 1880.
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Bartholdi Fountain Almost Moved to Dupont Circle in 1881
The Bartholdi Fountain on Capitol Hill was almost moved to Dupont Circle at the request of James Blaine. Until history intervened.
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President Garfield's Assassin: Charles Guiteau's Time in Washington
Learn about Charles Guiteau's time in Washington before he assassinated President James Garfield. He believed he had played a major role in Garfield's election victory, for which he should have been rewarded with a consulship.
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Why Is It Named Trinidad?
Do you know why we have a neighborhood named after a Caribbean island? Find out how it's related to today's George Washington University too.
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Exploring the Fascinating History of the Old Executive Office Building in Washington, DC
Check out this fascinating old stereographic photo of the Old Executive Office Building in Washington, DC. Learn more about its history from John DeFerrari's blog and Ghosts of DC. Explore now!
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1885 Dedication of Washington Monument
Terrific old photo of the Washington Monument being dedicated in 1885. Check out the amazing details.
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Washington Monument Under Construction in 1883
Washington Monument under construction with U.S. Fish Commission hatching ponds in the foreground and Bureau of Engraving and Printing building in the background.
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