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1892 Map of Smallpox, Cholera, and Measles Deaths
What is a zymotic disease? This is a map of deaths due to this disease in 1892. Find out what that means.
1888 Map of Lung Disease Death
What a sad map of the District. This shows the deaths in Washington from lung disease in 1888.
1890s Map of Diarrhea Deaths in Washington
An 1890s map of Washington, DC and deaths related to diarrhea, heavily concentrated in Swampoodle and Murder Bay.
Adams Morgan: How This Uptown DC Neighborhood Got Its Name
Adams Morgan didn't exist in 1888. Read this story to learn the history of how it came to be known as Adams Morgan. We also have a great map showing Adams Morgan when it was very rural.
"Quite Pretty" Wife Catches "Fairly Good-Looking" Husband With Woman
A scene was enacted just outside the National Theatre last night at the close of the performance which may end in a divorce suit.
Cleveland Heights - 1889
1889 Cleveland Park Real Estate Ad
At the time, Grover Cleveland lived north of the city in a lovely old estate called Oak Hill. Eventually, the neighborhood that grew up around his home was named for him: "Cleveland Park".
White House image from the 1880s
“You Have to See This Amazing Old Photo of the White House”
This amazing old photo of the White House is from the 1880s. Take a look at this unique view of the President's Mansion from the south. Source: Library of Congress.
Photo shows a man and a boy in summer straw hats happily displaying some unidentifiable papers on F Street, with the Treasury and a new electric hooded arc streetlight in the background. One of a series of scenes near Painter's office at 14th and E streets, this picture bears the hallmarks of the new "snapshot" style now made possible by the invention of the quick, hand-held Kodak: natural smiles and the movement of the ladies under the umbrella.
Uncovering the Past: A Look at this Fascinating 1885 Photo
Take a look at this fascinating photo from 1885! Uncovering the past, this photo from the Library of Congress shows a man and a boy in summer straw hats happily displaying some unidentifiable papers on F Street.
Swampoodle Grounds (near present day Union Station), also known as Capitol Park, was the home of the Washington Nationals baseball team of the National League from 1886 to 1889.
This Fascinating Old Photograph Shows the Washington Nationals Playing at Swampoodle Grounds in the 1880s
This old photograph from the 1880s shows the Washington Nationals playing at Swampoodle Grounds. Click on the image to see amazing details. Source: Architect of the Capitol.
Exploring the Origins of Columbia Heights: A Look at an 1885 Map
Discover the origins of Columbia Heights in this 1885 map. It shows what would become the northern part of Columbia Heights and points to the street name changes that took place. Click through to view the full-sized map!

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