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Washington, D.C. Passengers, drivers, and dogs were tired by the time they reached the gas pumps on the day before stricter gasoline rationing went into effect
The Long Gas Lines of Washington, D.C. in 1942
Take a look back at World War II-era Washington, D.C. with these photos of the long gas lines in the city on June 21st, 1942, the day before stricter gasoline rationing went into effect.
Visibility zero unless you lend your binoculars to the navy
Visibility Zero Unless You Lend Your Binoculars to the Navy: Exploring the Posters of the WPA
Explore the unique posters of the Work Projects Administration (WPA) from 1936 to 1943, including the one below which shows the Navy asking to borrow your binoculars to help prevent attacks at sea. View 907 digitized posters at the Library of Congress!
Austrian flag
The Washington Post Story of Austria Owing the District Back Taxes 50 Years Ago
On this date, 50 years ago, The Washington Post printed a story about the government of Austria owing the District back taxes on their embassy for lack of payment during World War II. The Austrians have been billed since the property was registered in their name the whole time. Find out if the bill was ever paid.
tanks rolling down Pennsylvania Ave. NW
The Strange Sight of World War II Tanks Parading Down Pennsylvania Avenue
In 1947 (or possibly during WWII), a strange sight occurred on Pennsylvania Avenue: A parade of tanks rolling from the Capitol Building to the White House. Read more to learn why this happened and the discussion on Reddit.
Photograph of President Truman and French President Charles de Gaulle, during welcoming ceremonies on the White House lawn, with officers saluting in the background. (August 22nd, 1945)
Understanding America's Complicated Relationship with France
Revisit the history of the complex relationship between America and France, from the American Revolution to WWII and beyond. Learn more about the shared history and how it has shaped our views of each other.
Washington, D.C. Salvage drive, Victory Program. Schoolboy volunteers to go from house to home collecting scrap paper
Schoolboys Collecting Scrap Paper for WW2 Salvage Drive in Mount Pleasant, D.C.
Check out this cool photo from WW2 of schoolboys going door to door collecting scrap paper for a salvage drive in Mount Pleasant, D.C. Learn more about this historic moment captured on Google Street View!
Washington, D.C. Sailor taking a picture of his girlfriend at a monument in front of the Capitol on a Sunday afternoon
The Mystery of the Photo: Was this WWII Couple Staging a Picture for the War Effort?
Take a look at this WWII photo of a couple visiting the Capitol. Could this romantic image have been staged for the war effort? Explore the mystery of this photo and the soldiers milling about in the background.
1943. On maneuvers in wartime Washington. "A soldier and a woman in a park, with the Old [Russell] Senate Office Building behind them." 4x5 Kodachrome transparency, photographer unknown. Office of War Information.
A Moment Frozen in Time: A Soldier and a Woman in a Park in 1943
Take a look back in time with this amazing photograph from 1943. A soldier and a woman in a park, with the Old [Russell] Senate Office Building behind them. A moment frozen in time that will take your breath away.
Buddy Lewis
Remembering Buddy Lewis: A Washington Senator and WWII Veteran
Remembering Buddy Lewis, the Washington Senator and World War II veteran who served 11 seasons in D.C. and flew 350 missions over Europe to fight Nazi Germany. Learn about this heroic player, who passed away at the age of 94.
B-29 Superfortress in flight (Wikipedia)
Three Things You Didn't Know About National Airport
Discover the amazing stories from Washington's National Airport: from an 8,198-mile nonstop flight to a ticket agent murder to a jurisdictional dispute. Read about these incredible stories and more!

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