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Beach Policeman (1922)
Bathing Suit Police at the Tidal Basin
The photograph is Washington police officer Bill Norton measuring the distance between the knee and the swimsuit.
Fire and Police Station location s in 1880
Where to Find Fire and Police Stations in Washington in 1880?
Explore an old map of Washington in 1880 and discover the exact locations of the fire stations and police stations. Learn about the history of the city through this fascinating map.
Which President Got a Speeding Ticket on a Horse?
Ulysses Grant was arrested for speeding by William West, an African-American metropolitan policeman. This is a great historical story.
Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 10.30
Finally Found Another Photo of Officer Sprinkle!
Fascinating article of our blog's favorite hero Officer Sprinkle.
Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 4.23
The Amazing Photo of Officer Sprinkle and His Brother
Thanks to a tweet, we came across an amazing photo of Officer Sprinkle and his brother from the National Law Enforcement Museum's blog. Check it out!
Washington Post obituaries - January 4th, 1933
Remembering Raymond B. Sprinkle – The Son of Officer Sprinkle
Remembering Raymond B. Sprinkle, the beloved son of Police Officer Sprinkle. His obituary was recently shared by long-time GoDCer John. Read about the mass & interment with military honors at Arlington National Cemetery.
this is a gun
A Metropolitan Policeman Arrested for Armed Robbery in Washington D.C. in 1972
In March 1972, a metropolitan policeman was arrested in Washington D.C. and charged with the armed robbery of a practical nurse at the George Washington University Hospital. Read the incredible story here!
1938 policeman from New Mexico
A Wild Story We Dug Up From The Washington Post: A Storybook Arrest On June 5th, 1938
This is a wild story we dug up from the Washington Post. It was published on June 5th, 1938 and features a storybook arrest; two automobiles were struck by the fleeing motorist! With a photo from 1938, you can get a feel for the era. #WashingtonPost #StorybookArrest #June5th1938
Policeman using mirror to direct traffic at 14th St. and Pennsylvania Avenue
A Fascinating Photograph from the 1920s of a Traffic Policeman Using a Rearview Mirror
Check out this amazing photograph from the Library of Congress, showing a traffic policeman at 14th and Pennsylvania, making use of a rearview mirror in the 1920s. Take a look and be mesmerized!
Discovering the Story of Officer Sprinkle and the Inspiration for our Logo
Learn the incredible story of Officer Sprinkle and how it led to the inspiration for our logo. Read the original biography from the 1908 Metropolitan Police Department's official history book, plus the original photo that inspired it!

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