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Check Out This Plan for LeDroit Park from 1880 & Learn Why it's Named LeDroit Park
Take a look at this plan for LeDroit Park from back in 1880, and learn the story behind why it was named LeDroit Park. Source: Library of Congress.
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Why Is It Named LeDroit Park?
LeDroit Park was established as one of the first suburbs of Washington, D.C. It was named for a family member of the founders Amzi Barber.
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1907 Map of LeDroit Park and Bloomingdale
We now know that GoDCers love maps. They seriously love maps, because our most popular post ever was the 1851 map of Washington. So, let’s satisfy that hunger for more maps with this one from 1907. The map below is the Baist real estate map covering the areas of Bloomingdale and LeDroit Park. Click on it so you can get much better details. It’s pretty amazing. 1907 Baist real estate...
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