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Early Proposed Drawings of the Library of Congress
Some amazing old drawings of what our Library of Congress could have looked like.
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23 Detailed Maps of Washington, D.C. in 1874
These are old maps of Washington in 1874. They're amazingly detailed and are a "manual for business men."
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Amazing 1870s Railroad Photos of Washington
These 1870s photos are incredible, showing the District just following the Civil War. Click on them for more details.
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Tracing the Construction of the Arts and Industries Building on the Mall in Washington, DC
Take a journey through time and explore the construction of the Arts and Industries Building on the Mall in Washington, DC. From the 1879 photo to the 1878 rendering to the finished product, see it all!
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A Detailed Look at the Georgetown Map from the Library of Congress
Take a closer look at this detailed map of Georgetown from the Library of Congress. Click on the image for greater details and find out more about this historic map.
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Take a Glimpse Into History: Frederick Douglass's Home on Capitol Hill
Take a look into history with this grainy image of Frederick Douglass standing in front of his home on Capitol Hill at 320 A St. NE. The home still stands today and you can walk by it, looking almost the same. See it today on Google Street View.
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1877 View of the Washington Monument Under Construction as Seen from the Smithsonian
See what the Washington Monument looked like in 1877, as seen from the Tower of the Smithsonian (now the Smithsonian Castle). This stunning view shows the Monument under construction, a testament to the resilience of the nation.
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1877 Drawing of Proposed Capitol Modifications
Proposed renovations of the Capitol Building from the 1870s. Achitectural drawing for alterations to the U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C. West elevation.
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Why Is It Named LeDroit Park?
LeDroit Park was established as one of the first suburbs of Washington, D.C. It was named for a family member of the founders Amzi Barber.
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A Fascinating Bird's-Eye View of the Capitol and Washington from 1872
Take a step back in time and explore a fascinating bird's-eye view of the Capitol and Washington from 1872. See it on Ghostsofdc.org!
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