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Posted In 1870s

The Real Estate Directory of the City of Washington, D.C., Suburbs of Washington City, Serial Number 50 is a series of maps of recorded subdivisions beyond the city limits published by Faehtz & Pratt in 1874. Maps show streets, lot numbers and dimensions, property lines, and some building footprints. Landowners and estate names are included for large parcels. Outside of Georgetown, subdivision maps showing only property lines indicate that they were undeveloped at that time.
Exploring an 1874 Map of Mt. Pleasant and Columbia Heights Before the Streets Were Renamed
Take a look at a map of Mt. Pleasant and Columbia Heights from 1874, before the streets were renamed in the early 20th century. See the lot numbers, building footprints, and more. Source: Dig DC.
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Exploring Georgetown's Past: An 1874 Map of the City with Old Street Names
Take a journey back in time and explore Georgetown's past with this 1874 map of the city featuring the old street names. Check it out now!
Plat of Curtis & Burdett's subdivision of Carlin Springs, Alexandria County, Virginia : 260 ft. above sea level
Evolution of Carlin Springs Subdivision in Alexandria (Now Arlington County)
Take a look at the evolution of Carlin Springs Subdivision in Alexandria, now Arlington County. See a map from 1890 and compare it to a map from today. Visit the Library of Congress to learn more.
Which President Got a Speeding Ticket on a Horse?
Ulysses Grant was arrested for speeding by William West, an African-American metropolitan policeman. This is a great historical story.
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What the Library of Congress Could Have Looked Like: Leon Beaver's Design from 1873
Take a look at the proposed design for the Library of Congress by Leon Beaver in 1873. Check out some of his drawings to see what the Library of Congress could have looked like!
Swampoodle Houses
The Colorful Story of Morris Connors and the Lost Neighborhood of Swampoodle
Learn the colorful story of Morris Connors, a notorious Swampoodle thief and rough, as we explore the lost neighborhood of Swampoodle. We uncovered the article in The Washington Post, printed on October 20th, 1879. Come along on this journey of historical context and facts!
1873 Inauguration of Ulysses S. Grant
A Look Back at Ulysses S. Grant's 1873 Inauguration: A Print from 1873
Take a look back at Ulysses S. Grant's 1873 Inauguration with this amazing print from 1873. See the event from Pennsylvania Ave. with this incredible image from the Library of Congress.
Exploring Washington, D.C. Through Photos From 1879
Take a journey through Washington, D.C. in 1879 with these stunning photos from the Library of Congress. Get a full panoramic view of the nation's capital over a century ago.
map around the National Mall
1872 Street Paving Map of Washington
What were the roads of Washington like in 1872? This great map shows the different paving surfaces throughout the city, including wood, stone and concrete.
Proposed design for the completion of the Washington Monument, Washington, D.C.
Check Out This Proposed Design for the Completion of the Washington Monument
Take a look at this proposed design from 1877 for the completion of the Washington Monument. Congress appropriated another $200,000 to restart construction on the unfinished monument in 1879.

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