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Why Is It Named The Smithsonian?
Did you know our greatest museum was funded by and named for an Englishman who never set foot in the United States? Read up on the origins of the Smithsonian and how it was born in our nation's capital.
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Early Rejected Designs for the National Air and Space Museum
In 1958, President Eisenhower approved plans for a National Air Museum. See some of the fascinating and beautiful designs that didn't make it.
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Tracing the Construction of the Arts and Industries Building on the Mall in Washington, DC
Take a journey through time and explore the construction of the Arts and Industries Building on the Mall in Washington, DC. From the 1879 photo to the 1878 rendering to the finished product, see it all!
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What a Lovely Old Photo of the Smithsonian Castle in 1856
Take a look back in time at this beautiful 1856 photo of the Smithsonian Castle. Click to see incredible details from Ghosts of DC.
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Exploring the Proposed Design for the Smithsonian Castle in 1846
Discover the proposed design for the Smithsonian Castle from 1846. Learn about the Gothic design with three stories, a central tower/cupola, crenellated embattlements, and symmetrical wings from the Building Committee of the Board of Regents.
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Exploring History: A Civil War-Era Photo of Independence Ave.
Take a step back in time and explore a Civil War-era photo of Independence Ave. This incredible photo showcases the Smithsonian Institution Building and the U.S. Capitol dome, taken before the 1865 fire. Source: Smithsonian Archives.
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The Mall in DC: A Beautiful View from the Early 20th Century
Take a look at this incredible view of the Mall in Washington DC from the early 20th century. See how this iconic area has changed over time - a truly spectacular sight!
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1886 Panorama of D.C. from Smithsonian Castle
What an incredible 360-degree panorama of Washington from 1886. This image was taken from the top of the Smithsonian Castle. Don't miss it!
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Exploring an 1857 View of Washington, D.C. with the Smithsonian in the Distance
Explore an 1857 view of Washington, D.C. with the Smithsonian in the distance. Click on the image for a larger version to study. See if you can spot the Washington Monument just out of the frame on the right.
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Garnet Jex's 1936 Painting: An Aerial View of the Smithsonian
Explore the beauty of Garnet Jex's 1936 painting, an aerial view of the Smithsonian. See the stunning details and learn more about this amazing artwork.
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Exploring the Smithsonian Institution Building in 1874 - A Look Back at History
Take a step back in time and explore the Smithsonian Institution Building in 1874. See the horse-drawn carriages, the storefronts, and the signs as captured in this historic photograph taken by William Henry Holmes.
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A Rare Look at the Washington Monument in the 1940s
Take a rare look at the Washington Monument in the 1940s, when temporary buildings occupied the current site of the Museum of American History. See the aerial view from the Washington Monument and learn more about the history of the area.
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Exploring the Smithsonian's Flickr Feed: A Look at the Arts and Industries Building Around 1905
Take a look back in time as we explore the Smithsonian's Flickr feed and uncover a photograph of the Arts & Industries Building around 1905. Learn more about this historical moment here!
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A Rare Look at the Smithsonian Castle in the 1860s - Thanks to Shorpy
Take a rare look at the Smithsonian Castle in the 1860s, thanks to the amazing photograph from Shorpy. This appears to be a photo we haven't yet seen!
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An Amazing View of DC in 1867 – Found on Library of Congress Site
Check out this amazing view of Washington, DC in 1867. We found this gem on the Library of Congress site and have included the full caption. See the image and find out more about the view!
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Unearthing the Mysterious Origins of D.C.'s Official Dinosaur, Capitalsaurus
Discover the mysterious origins of D.C.'s official dinosaur, Capitalsaurus. Read about the bone found in 1898 and its controversial classification as a prehistoric beast, and the story of the District's embrace of this unique creature.
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The Malpractice Lawsuit of Dr. Daniel H. Riggs of Howard University, 1890
In 1890, Dr. Daniel H. Riggs of Howard University was the defendant in a malpractice lawsuit. This post looks at the case, Dr. Riggs' life, and the building in which the trial was held.
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Proposed National Zoo in Rock Creek Park
We are a great nation and Americans in the 1880s were proud of their rapidly growing and dominant country. But how can you truly be a great nation without a national zoo to show off all the wonderful creatures that roam your lands, as well as those of foreign lands? Not only that, how will you help preserve the species that were being decimated by the rapid westward expansion and industrial progress? A...
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All Eyes On The Hirshhorn, But It Wasn't Always Pretty (Or Round)
This is a guest post by Aaron. Rendering of “SONG 1” (hirshhorn.si.edu) Art fans will focus Thursday night on the outer walls of the Hirshhorn Museum.  Eleven video projectors will paint the Smithsonian’s modern and contemporary ring with 360 degrees of a looping film called, “SONG 1.”  The Hirshhorn’s exterior will become exhibition space as...
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Lion Eats Woman At National Zoo
Can you imagine a more terrifying death? This woman met her end by climbing into the lion enclosure at the National Zoo. True story.
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