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A Rare View of the Massive Navy and Munitions Buildings Erected on the Mall in 1918
Take a rare glimpse of the massive Navy and Munitions Buildings erected on the Mall in 1918. See how massive they were from the Washington Monument in 1942 with this incredible vantage point.
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Candlelight Vigil on the Mall after 9/11
I remember this so vividly. I walked the length of the Mall, stood on the west front steps of the Capitol (which you can no longer do) and stared out onto a virtual sea of candles flickering on the Mall. This photo is a good representation of what I saw that night on September 12th, the day after the tragic events in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania. I wrote another post about this some time...
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Exploring the Past and Present of Washington, DC with Maps
Digging into the past of Washington, DC? Check out this comparison of an old 1903 Baist map of DC near the Capitol and a Google Map of the same area in 2017. See how much things have changed!
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Is Washington the Most Beautiful City in the World?
Explore the beauty of Washington DC, the US capital, and why many people believe it is the most beautiful city in the world. Learn about the McMillan Plan, the unbuilt Grant Memorial, and Frederick Law Olmsted. Read the full article from 1907.
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Explore a Proposed National Mall from the Early 1900s
Take a look at what a proposed National Mall could have looked like from the Capitol Building in the early 1900s. See photos and find out more about this fascinating idea.
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Beautiful Western View of Washington Monument From Smithsonian
What a beautiful view of the Mall from the Smithsonian. This was taken in the early 20th century. view of Mall from Smithsonian Source: Library of Congress
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Proposed Second Mall East of Capitol
This is a fascinating article about a prepared additional National Mall east of the Capitol. It was never built.
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A Captivating Aerial View of the National Mall
Check out this captivating aerial view of the National Mall from the Capitol and Library of Congress to the Potomac. Get an amazing perspective of the city from above!
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1936 View of the National Mall
What a great photo from 1936. This shows the National Mall as viewed from the Capitol. 1936 view of the Mall Source: Cornell University Library
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An Unprecedented View of the National Mall: A Look from the IKONOS Satellite in 2001
Experience an unprecedented view of the National Mall with this satellite image taken by IKONOS on March 30th, 2001. See the iconic monuments and take in the beauty of the nation’s capital in this stunning image.
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Never Built: Proposed University on the National Mall in 1816
Early in the 19th century, there was a proposal to build a national university at the west end of the Mall, where the Lincoln Memorial now sits.
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Girls Baseball Game on the Mall
This is a shot of some ladies playing baseball on the Mall. Yes, baseball … not softball. The photo is dated October 10th, 1919. girls baseball game in 1919 Source: Library of Congress
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National Mall Viewed from the Washington Monument
Here’s a cool shot of the National Mall, as viewed from the Washington Monument in 1936. National Mall Source: Cornell University
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March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom: A Look Back at the Liquor Ban on August 28, 1963
Learn about the liquor ban enacted on August 28, 1963 to mark the historic March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. Discover what Washingtonians were told about traffic, transit, telework, and more for the momentous event.
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Proposed Buildings on the Mall Near Capitol
The description on this image from Flickr says it’s a proposed plan for public buildings on the Mall near the Capitol. Washington DC proposed plan of public buildings. Copy of drawing. Source: Flickr user medicalmuseum
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A Look Back: View of the Department of Agriculture, The Smithsonian Castle, and the US Capitol from the Washington Monument 100 Years Ago
Take a look back in time to see what Washington DC's Department of Agriculture, Smithsonian Castle, and US Capitol looked like over a hundred years ago. Thanks to the DC Public Library, we have this amazing photo taken from atop the Washington Monument.
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The Unusual Red Painting of the US Capitol Dome in 1960
Discover the surprising story of the US Capitol dome painted red in 1960. Learn why and how it happened and see the historical photos. From Ghosts of DC.
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Beach Boys Play the National Mall: July 4th, 1980
Who doesn’t like the Beach Boys? This was a pretty big concert on the National Mall for the first July 4th celebration in the 80s. Did any of you attend this show?
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All Eyes On The Hirshhorn, But It Wasn't Always Pretty (Or Round)
This is a guest post by Aaron. Rendering of “SONG 1” (hirshhorn.si.edu) Art fans will focus Thursday night on the outer walls of the Hirshhorn Museum.  Eleven video projectors will paint the Smithsonian’s modern and contemporary ring with 360 degrees of a looping film called, “SONG 1.”  The Hirshhorn’s exterior will become exhibition space as...
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