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Wolf Escapes From Zoo, Terrorizing Cleveland Park
What a horrifying story about a wolf escaping from the National Zoo.
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A Look Back at the National Zoo Sign from 1943 and the Lion Statues in House of Cards
Take a look back at the amusing sign posted at the National Zoo in 1943 and the history behind the lion statues in the opening credits of House of Cards. Source: Library of Congress.
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Exploring the Harvard St. Bridge in Washington, DC
Take a look back in time to explore the Harvard St. Bridge in Washington, DC. This bridge crosses Rock Creek Park and has been a part of the city since 1909. See a photo of the old bridge and learn more here.
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The Mystery of the Alligators in Rock Creek Park: A 1916 Washington Times Article
Learn about the mysterious alligators that appeared in Rock Creek Park in 1916 according to an article from The Washington Times. Plus, don't forget to read about the alligators in the basement of the Commerce Department.
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1907 Map of Washington Heights (Adams Morgan) and the National Zoo
1907 map of Washington Heights, the area which would become Adams Morgan.
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Proposed National Zoo in Rock Creek Park
We are a great nation and Americans in the 1880s were proud of their rapidly growing and dominant country. But how can you truly be a great nation without a national zoo to show off all the wonderful creatures that roam your lands, as well as those of foreign lands? Not only that, how will you help preserve the species that were being decimated by the rapid westward expansion and industrial progress? A...
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Lion Eats Woman At National Zoo
Can you imagine a more terrifying death? This woman met her end by climbing into the lion enclosure at the National Zoo. True story.
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