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Why Is It Named The Smithsonian?
Did you know our greatest museum was funded by and named for an Englishman who never set foot in the United States? Read up on the origins of the Smithsonian and how it was born in our nation's capital.
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Take a Look at the Streets of 1830 Georgetown
Take a look at this cool old map of Georgetown from 1830. You'll notice the street names have since changed - Wisconsin Ave. was High St., M St. was Bridge St., and you'll notice east-west numbered streets. Source: Library of Congress.
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The Baltimore Sun Discusses the Possibility of Retroceding Georgetown to Maryland in 1839
In January 1839, The Baltimore Sun discussed the possibility of retroceding Georgetown to Maryland. Read about it here, plus check out an 1835 map of Washington D.C. to get the full picture.
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Exploring Washington Before the Retrocession of the Western Portion to Virginia
A look at Washington before its retrocession of the western portion to Virginia. Includes a 1835 map of Washington, Georgetown, Alexandria, and two counties. Source: Library of Congress.
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A Fascinating Look Back at Washington DC's History Through a 1839 Print
Take a look back at Washington DC's history through a fascinating 1839 print. From lost sheep and cows on Pennsylvania Ave to the bustling metropolis we know today, this print offers a unique glimpse into the past of this iconic city.
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Exploring a Fascinating Old Broadside Condemning the Sale and Keeping of Slaves in the District of Columbia
Take a look at this fascinating old broadside condemning the sale and keeping of slaves in the District of Columbia during the 1835-36 petition campaign. Learn more about this powerful piece of abolitionist history and its arguments for freedom.
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Why Is It Called Chain Bridge?
In 1872, Congress appropriated $100,000 for a bridge made of iron. Construction lasted until 1874, when it was rechristened "Chain Bridge" without chains.
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Life in Washington City in the 1830s: An Interesting Piece from the Baltimore Sun Correspondent
In the 1830s, the Baltimore Sun was a prominent paper covering the daily happenings of life in Washington City. We came across an interesting piece from the Baltimore Sun correspondent in Washington, both a colorful description of life in the city, as well as a rather amusing observation.
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Silver Spring: History of the Name and Neighborhood
Why is it named Silver Spring? Francis Preston Blair (i.e., Blair House near the White House) came across a mica-flecked spring in Acorn Park.
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A Look Back at the Beale Family and the Origins of Bloomingdale
Discover the history of the Beale family and the origins of Bloomingdale. From the estate to the War of 1812 to the U.S. Census in 1850, learn the fascinating story behind this D.C. neighborhood.
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