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The Smithsonian Castle in 1867
This photo shows the Smithsonian castle as it looked just after the Civil War.
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A Look Back: View of the Department of Agriculture, The Smithsonian Castle, and the US Capitol from the Washington Monument 100 Years Ago
Take a look back in time to see what Washington DC's Department of Agriculture, Smithsonian Castle, and US Capitol looked like over a hundred years ago. Thanks to the DC Public Library, we have this amazing photo taken from atop the Washington Monument.
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The U.S. Patent Office in 1924: An Incredible Afternoon Photo
Take a look at this great afternoon photo of the old U.S. Patent Office in 1924. The detail is amazing when you click to zoom in on it. This building now serves as the Smithsonian Portrait Gallery.
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Sheep Grazing at the White House
Here’s a photo I found on Flickr. It’s from the Nation’s Attic (i.e., The Smithsonian). They have a great set of photos up there, so you should take a look. The photograph below shows sheep grazing near the East Wing of the White House during World War I. Woodrow and Edith Wilson had the sheep roam the grounds so they could save money by not having to mow the grass. Also, the sheep’s...
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Bad Weather? Check Out This Cool Photo of the Smithsonian Castle
Bad weather keeping you indoors? Check out this cool photo of the Smithsonian Castle from 1900 and explore the rest of the Washingtoniana Collection at the D.C. Public Library. Plus, related articles from SI.edu and Ghosts of DC.
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