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1847 Map of Washington
An incredible map of Washington well before the Civil War. Lovely details for you to study.
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A Look at the Amazing Old Photo of the General Post Office in Washington, DC
This amazing old photo of the General Post Office in Washington, DC, still stands today. Check out the beautiful image from 1846. The building is now the Washington Monaco Hotel.
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Exploring the U.S. Senate Chamber: A Drawing of the Thirtieth Congress
Take a look into the past with this drawing of the U.S. Senate chamber during the Thirtieth Congress. Learn more about the history of the U.S. Senate with this drawing from Duke University.
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Exploring the Proposed Design for the Smithsonian Castle in 1846
Discover the proposed design for the Smithsonian Castle from 1846. Learn about the Gothic design with three stories, a central tower/cupola, crenellated embattlements, and symmetrical wings from the Building Committee of the Board of Regents.
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For Sale: 460 Acres of Land on Rock Creek
How about the 460 acres of land for sale along Rock Creek? This is the part of the park up near the Maryland border.
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First Jewish Senator Supported Florida's Secession
David Levy Yulee, of Florida, was not only one of the first senators from that state, but he was also the first Jewish senator.
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A Fascinating Look at Old Photos of Washington D.C.
Take a look back in time with this fascinating video showing a collection of old photos of Washington D.C. Get a glimpse of the city's past and see how it has changed over the years.
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The History of the Cocktail and the Palo Alto Tavern: Where It All Began
Discover the history of the cocktail and its connection to the old Palo Alto Tavern in Bladensburg, Maryland. Learn about the famous guests, the cocktail's claimed birthplace, and the duel that was responsible for its invention.
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1848 View From the President's House
View from the White House in 1848, looking at the Capitol Building.
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Where Washington's Historic Chain Bridge Gets Its Name
Learn the history of Chain Bridge Road in Washington, DC, and why it's named after a bridge that has no chains. Discover the story of the bridge's role in the Civil War and the floods of 1936 that led to its replacement.
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Exploring the History of Kalorama: A Pic-Nic at the Neighborhood's Finest Estate
Kalorama is one of the finest neighborhoods in Washington, and its name comes from an old estate. Read about the estate and a pic-nic there in 1844, and explore the history of this beautiful neighborhood.
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The Credentials of Sam Houston: The First Senator from Texas
Learn about the credentials of Sam Houston, the first Senator from Texas, and the only man to have held the position of President of the Republic of Texas. Read about his official letter of credentials sent to Washington by the first Governor of Texas, Joseph P. Henderson.
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A Rare Look at Washington from the Late 1840s or 1850s by Augustus Köllner
A rare painting of Washington from the late 1840s or 1850s, done by Augustus Köllner, has been uncovered. The view is from an angle south of the Capitol, looking northwest. See the beautiful watercolor painting at the Library of Congress.
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Exploring the Black Code of the District of Columbia in Force September 1st, 1848
Digging through Google Books, I found "The Black Code of the District of Columbia in Force September 1st, 1848" - a 122-page book of laws governing all aspects of life and behavior for African-Americans in Washington, D.C. in the 1800's. Read on to learn about the shocking provisions in this book.
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The History of Silver Spring, MD: Francis Preston Blair and the Blair House
Learn the history of Silver Spring, MD, from Francis Preston Blair's mica-flecked spring to the 20-room mansion he built and the Blair House. See the 1850 U.S. Census and more!
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The Old Post Office at 8th and E Street, NW - An 1846 Daguerreotype from John Plumbe
Take a look back in time to the Old Post Office in Washington, DC in 1846 with this beautiful daguerreotype taken by John Plumbe. Get a taste of history and learn more about the Postal Service with this incredible photo.
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A Look at the Capitol Building in 1846 Through John Plumbe's Photograph
Take a look at the Capitol Building in 1846 through John Plumbe's remarkable photograph. This daguerreotype shows the east front of the Capitol Building, noticeably different than it looks today. Source: Library of Congress.
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An Amazing Old Photograph of the White House Taken by John Plumbe, Jr. in 1846
Discover an amazing old photograph of the White House taken by John Plumbe, Jr. in 1846. It was taken during the winter, when James K. Polk was the 11th President of the United States. Look closely and you'll notice the top floor and Truman balcony are not there!
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Exploring Taxes and Regulations in Washington from 1840
Learn about taxes, regulations and more from Washington in 1840 with this article. We explore regulation of slaves, guns, gambling, and more in this fascinating look into life in the city before emancipation.
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Why Is It Named Arlington?
What is the origin of Arlington County's name? The story dates back to an old plantation near today's National Airport.
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The Fascinating History of the Washington Monument and Its Construction
Dive into the fascinating history of the Washington Monument and its construction, which began on July 4th, 1848 and was finally completed in 1885. Learn why the bottom third of the monument has a different color.
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